Cost-driven maintenance strategy

Ensure ROI from every Db2® maintenance operation

No matter if you’re equipped with the most efficient Db2 utility on the planet, maintenance still comes at a high price. It’s nevertheless indispensable because failing to perform maintenance can quickly lead to increased CPU consumption, deteriorating application performance and risk for your data. Reliable analysis of system data and maintenance costs is key to understanding which maintenance operations to perform and when.

iDBA-Online assesses these costs and impacts to ensure that each maintenance task has a positive return on investment.

diagram showing the return on investment
  • Automatically administers the most astute schedule for Db2 maintenance
  • Ensures that REORG and BACKUP are performed only where and when they’ll have a positive impact on your applications, without hindering production
  • Increases savings in Db2 housekeeping by performing tasks only when required
  • Dynamically monitors execution of your Db2 utilities.



Intelligent Database Administration