InfoPak is a simple but powerful tool for enterprises running multiple machines with multiple technologies and provides high-speed throughput using minimum CPU. In the event of an outage or disruption, InfoPak is always a timely asset to have, particularly on a disaster recovery site.

High-speed, high-volume data compression

Low CPU consumption and fewer I/Os

Supports all data formats

Guarantees high data availability

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Industry-leading Hardware and Software Compression

InfoPak delivers unmatched compression rates for online and backup data. It cuts costs of online and offline space, thus considerably reducing accesses to process the same amount of data. Compatible with many hardware technologies, users can choose between software compression or hardware compression. InfoPak supports DL1, DB2, IDMS and DATACOM data formats, as well as VSAM, sequential files and PDS.

Unique Software Compression Technology

InfoPak does not require external compression tables and dictionaries, thus ensuring full data integrity and removing risk from lost or disorganized tables. It ensures optimum compression rates over time as data changes.

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Compression Performance Evaluation

TestPak is an adjacent utility operating in interactive or batch mode that assesses the performance of InfoPak on your site. Just like another application running on existing databases, TestPak instantly displays
gains in storage space resulting from InfoPak compression.