Record-speed Utilities for Db2® for z/OS 

InfoUtil simplifies processing of your high-intensity business data at top speed and low cost. Our technology provides full data availability, reduces competition for mainframe resources with zero impact to your systems or users.

  • Greatly enhance your Db2 data import and export capabilities
  • Simplify data transfer between Db2, distributed and Big Data platforms
  • Reduce the workload on your mainframe’s CPU, saving money for your business and delivering high-speed data processing
  • Make the most of your existing mainframe investments with software that’s compatible with and complementary to IBM native utilities and syntax.

A line of utilities for Db2 for z/OS

InfoUtil is comprised of two products that can run either independently or together. They radically speed up daily Db2 utility tasks using fewer resources than native Db2 or counterpart utility software.

Parallel processing at unparalleled speed

Accelerate your data management 10x faster than native Db2 utilities with parallel processing architecture. Provide high performance and high-speed throughput using minimum CPU and I/O.

data that roams the city at full speed
data roaming the road at full speed

Manage utilities with zero downtime

Applications maintain constant, uninterrupted read/write access to data during load and unload.

Advanced processing technology

Integrated innovative techniques enable you to handle extensive and granular data selection, conversion and transfer.

man typing at his laptop a lot of data

+ InfoUnload

Export data faster than any other Db2 utility, while maintaining high availability and performing the data conversion required for your business applications.

  • Create output in multiple formats during a single unload
  • Unload selected rows and columns
  • Sort data during the unload process
  • Unload data from a Full Image Copy
  • Unload one or more partitions in parallel mode
  • Unload Db2 data without removing objects from RW.

+ InfoLoad

InfoLoad is a comprehensive and powerful alternative to the native Db2 utility. By working outside Db2 and with parallel processing, InfoLoad significantly reduces the CPU and elapsed times required to import data.

  • Load from a Full Image Copy
  • Allow OBID translation
  • Perform data conversion
  • Sort entry data according to the clustering index
  • PRECHECK feature to control data entry
  • Collect RUNSTATS while loading
  • Dynamic work file allocation.