Mainframe MLC dashboard

Make the right decisions with the right information

Greater IT efficiency is the universal goal for all IT departments and the foundation for many strategic decisions. To make such decisions, it’s important to have reliable and timely information. Ironically however, while the mainframe is one of the best platforms to ensure availability of business data, accessing and analyzing system data is a whole different ballgame. For this reason, most mainframe experts work with day+1 or even day+7 reports to help make decisions.

an arm holding a tablet with a rising curve in front of a mainframe


AutoSoftCapping’s MLC dashboard provides real-time insight into server performance and billing levels, enabling System Programmers, Capacity Managers, CTOs and Procurement Managers to collaborate from one common and shared view.

  • At-a-glance view of your CPC and LPAR activity: MSU consumption, capping period and 4HRA
  • WLM and Service Class Report to identify which Service Class consumes how many MSUs and at which level of importance, enabling detailed analysis of specific capping periods.


  • Business reports for Software Asset Managers
  • PSLC aggregation report
  • Technical reports for z/OS technicians
  • Archive reports to analyze and identify potential deviations
  • Multiple reporting formats (GUI, Web, Email)
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cost optimization

Cost Management for z/OS