Software division of Infotel reports gradual recovery in business activity in Q4 netting overall 2020 software sales growth of 9.6 percent.

Infotel, a leading global enterprise software and services vendor with U.S. offices in Tampa, Florida and San Francisco, California, today reported positive software license revenue sales in 2020 and a strong 2020 Q4 to jumpstart software sales in 2021. Overall, in 2020 the software publishing division showed strong revenue growth of 9.6%.

“In spite of the economic slowdown from the pandemic, we finished 2020 with a strong fourth quarter,” said Jeff Castella, Infotel Corp.’s software division managing director. “These positive numbers at the end of the year have created great momentum for 2021, especially in North America where we made significant investments in 2020, and where we have a good relationship with IBM®.”

Strong Momentum for 2021

Software activity held steady at $10.2 million in 2020. Despite a major slowdown in the airline sector, several contracts were secured for Orlando, the Infotel software solution developed to assist with technical documentation and aircraft maintenance. Additionally, Infotel signed license agreements with industry leaders that included American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Flyadeal (a subsidiary of Saudia). This gradual recovery proves the resilience of the Infotel business model against the backdrop of a major global health crisis.

The gradual reopening of airline traffic should lead to more sustained growth in sales for Orlando. Bolstered by these favorable factors and renewed confidence in its relations with key accounts, Infotel expects to see the return of growth in 2021.

About Infotel

Infotel Corp. is the North American headquarters of Insoft Infotel, the software division of the Paris-based Infotel. Infotel provides enterprise software solutions and services that help organizations manage the data and application sprawl created by the prevalence of the world wide web. The product portfolio features solution capabilities ranging from mobile technologies to the mainframe.

Founded in 1979, Infotel has the experience to work across varying network systems, relational databases, object languages, servers, and operating systems inside the largest organizations in the world.

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