As the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly pushed organizations across the globe to bolster their digital capabilities, Infotel Q1 performance indicates strong growth potential for the firm.


Today Infotel Corporation (ISIN code: FR0000071797 – memo: INF), a global software vendor with U.S. offices based in Tampa, FL, announced first quarter software and consultancy revenue for 2022 is up 15.3% from Q1 2021 at $74.9 million.

Infotel is a leading partner in the digital transformation of major accounts throughout Europe and the Americas. Q1 performance indicates strong growth potential for the firm as the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly pushed organizations across the globe to bolster their digital capabilities.

The annual growth has pushed dividends to $1.61 per share.

Revenue (in $ million USD)
Q1: 74.88

  • Services: 72.77
  • Software: 2.11

Q1: 64.92

  • Services: 63.01
  • Software: 2.01

% Change 2022/2021
Q1: +15.3%

  • Services: +15.5%
  • Software: +4.9%

In Europe, the Banking sector accounted for 41.5% of activity over the period, positioning Infotel as a major partner in this market segment with the roll-out of new projects for several major accounts such as BPCE, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, and Oney Bank, three of France’s largest banking groups.

Globally, the banking sector for Infotel was up 25.3%, confirming the growth of this segment, notably with growth in activity at AIRBUS Helicopters, an increase in the service center for Stellantis, and a ramp-up of the platform for Nissan.

The transportation sector stood at 17.7% of revenue while maintaining a high level of operational performance.

The Insurance sector accounted for 12.3% of Infotel’s revenue and includes the operational implementation of a salesforce support center for COVEA Insurance Group as part of the various projects during the quarter. Infotel has also deployed a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Competency Center. These new functional offers could be extended to other key accounts soon.

Infotel’s operations saw a return to a relative state of normalcy in the time of the waning pandemic with 140 new hires in the quarter.

Consulting Division Also Strong in Q1

OAIO, Infotel Group’s Digital and Innovation Consulting Agency based in France, which supports its customers with their digital projects from design to implementation, also posted robust activity over the period, notably with the launch of a digital support program (support, consultancy, training) and co-creation of digital tools for Crédit Mutuel Arkéa.

Software Division Growth

Infotel’s software business, Insoft Infotel, posted growth of 6.1% in Q1 2022, including $1.1m in IBM royalties.

Infotel’s European software division Orlando TechPublishing continued to grow in terms of sales, with the addition of 3 new contracts over the period: HOP!, Wizz Air, and Azul Airlines.

Deepeo, Infotel’s newly acquired software solution enabling the anonymization or erasure of personal data once listed and identified (a GDPR provision), won a new contract with Nissan.

About Infotel
Listed in compartment B of Euronext Paris since January 1999 (ISIN code FR0000071797), Infotel is a specialist in large account management systems from mobile to very large databases (Big Data). At the cutting edge of technological innovations, Infotel is developing its expertise around two complementary areas of activity: IT services and software publishing. With $264.86 million in revenue in 2021, Infotel employs more than 2,800 people.