With the release of the new enterprise information archiving solution, Arvitam, and Infotel Corp.’s growing footprint in North America, the company’s recent expansion will provide an additional support option for sales growth and regional customer support.

Infotel, a leading global enterprise software and services vendor, today announced its expansion in North America, adding a west-coast office in San Francisco, California. The additional office location in California provides the French-based and publicly traded company support options for customers, prospects and partners in the Eastern and Pacific time zones of North America.

“We’re excited to be able to provide our IBM [via distribution agreement] customers and current partners in the Americas coast-to-coast coverage as we expand our footprint in that part of the world,” said Jeff Castella, Infotel Corp.’s managing director. “Our approach to supporting current customers and partners in both North and South America, along with our desire to explore new client opportunities, requires more people and larger geographical coverage and we’re accomplishing that with the team we now have in place in the United States.”

For more than 40 years, Infotel has been a key mainframe player in Europe but has also been selling its solution InfoUnload through a distribution agreement with IBM in the United States, an agreement that dates back to the 1980s. Infotel currently has an office in Tampa, Florida, in addition to the San Francisco office. The selection of San Francisco, in addition to current staff and customer service support options, was a strategic selection allowing the enterprise software vendor to leverage the area’s diverse technology talent pool.

Recent product updates for the Americas to be supported.

Infotel has recently made GA updates to current products that will require more localized support in North America and has also released a new enterprise information archiving (EIA) solution, Arvitam. Arvitam is a secure, unified EIA platform for all types of electronically stored information across large enterprises. Arvitam is ideal for organizations that have undertaken digital transformation initiatives and process large quantities of client-facing documents on a recurring basis, such as customer bank statements, insurance policy documents, or other mass-generated files to be archived with security and compliance.

Infotel has also made updates to its suite of IBM® z/OS® applications and Db2® products to better support DevOps strategies on the mainframe. Infotel’s Application Parallel Testing (APT) solution is designed to accelerate development across Agile and DevOps processes with the creation of isolated test tracks, or containers, to provide the speed, security and adherence necessary to quickly spin up software application test environments. APT standardizes the processes of testing programs and systems, transforming the collection of test plans into a company asset built to handle the speed of DevOps requirements.

Infotel’s DB/IQ Package Management (PackMan) helps manage the chaos that Change Management Systems within the DevOps method can have on the Db2 Catalog. As developers make countless changes to program modules within the DevOps methodology, a build-up of unlinked modules can delay subsystem services such as backups and REORGs. DB/IQ PackMan identifies redundant and non-required packages, removes them and reorganizes the Db2 Catalog for improved speed of these subsystem tools that rely on Db2.

To learn more about Infotel’s solutions for EIA and z/OS click here.

About Infotel

Infotel Corp. is the North American headquarters of Insoft Infotel, the software division of the Paris-based Infotel Group. The Infotel Group provides enterprise software solutions and services that help organizations manage the data and application sprawl created by the prevalence of the world wide web. The product portfolio features solution capabilities ranging from mobile technologies to the mainframe.

Founded in 1979, Infotel has the experience to work across varying network systems, relational databases, object languages, servers, and operating systems inside the largest organizations in the world. Our publicly traded company boasts global year-over-year growth for the past nine years.

For more information on Infotel Corp., please visit https://www.infotel.com/us/.