Deepeo offers a robust data management solution to automate necessary, yet complicated, tasks all on one platform in an easy-to-use web browser.

Tampa-based global software vendor and IT consulting firm Infotel Corp. today announced the latest addition to its product portfolio with deepeo, a data housekeeping and anonymization tool aimed at automating GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance for the enterprise. This latest product addition strengthens Infotel’s position as a global leader in enterprise data management, governance, and compliance.

“We’re excited to announce these advancements to our product line and position our business for stability today and future growth,” said Jeff Castella, managing director of Infotel Corp. “We continue to learn from our customer base, understanding their needs and providing solutions that they, and the marketplace, need to keep their competitive advantages.”

Since the GDPR went into effect in 2018, organizations have had to rethink the way they manage their datacenters, from general data housekeeping to being able to comply rapidly with some of the regulation’s strictest mandates like a data subject’s “right to be forgotten.”

Deepeo offers a robust data management solution to automate these necessary, yet complicated, tasks all on one platform in an easy-to-use web browser. With deepeo, organizations receive real-time reporting across multiple databases, even legacy ones, on one portal, allowing companies to see what is happening and visualize data usage as it happens.

The solution can also help automate data deletion with custom rules for corporate or regulatory policies and anonymize data allowing any personally identifiable information (PII) subject to data regulations cleaned of sensitive information, all while integrating seamlessly into any current database management system.

Deepeo has integrations with most critical systems for the large enterprise including SAP, Infor, and IBM® z/OS®, and deepeo’s integration specialists are always on hand to ensure the program is set up correctly, allowing organizations to fully utilize everything it has to offer.

Using deepeo’s expert-tested workflow, the solution can scan data, looking for what needs to be deleted or anonymized, automatically update changes with systems downstream, and easily reverse changes should any of these steps cause issues throughout an organization’s network. With these capabilities, deepeo will help reduce the amount of data retained by an organization when it is no longer needed, resulting in tangible cost savings.

Longtime players in the mainframe software and consultancy services space, Infotel is excited to enter the enterprise space with solutions like deepeo that go beyond the mainframe and into distributed UNIX/open environments.

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