Application testing is 30% slower when mainframe code is involved. We’ll look at the “what and why” and present a use case solution to help deal with the problem.

Infotel Corp. announced today it will host a June TechChannel webinar: “Speed Kills! The DevOps Mainframe Conundrum: Application Dev Speed vs. Application Quality.” Author, speaker and noted industry expert Craig S. Mullins will discuss the current state of the mainframe programmer space, application modernization, and how improved automation and testing can help. Mullins will be joined by mainframe market analyst Tony Perri, who will present an Infotel Corp. banking/finance use case and talk about one solution that helps mainframe developers and IT operations professionals manage DevOps chaos on IBM® z/OS®. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, June 16, 2021, at 1:00 pm EDT.

A recent Vanson Borne survey found that when mainframe code is involved, the application testing process is slowing down the value chain, and with it, profitability. With 56% of mainframe shops now practicing DevOps, programmers are being told to “speed it up, you’re 30% slower than your distributed colleagues.” This webinar will explore DevOps on the mainframe and application testing barriers that create longer development cycles for mainframe applications. Attendees will get a glimpse of how one organization is dramatically speeding up test cycles by delivering cloned mainframe application testing environments on z/OS LPARs that replicate production environments on the mainframe.

“Although mainframe application development is traditionally viewed as slow-moving, there is nothing inherent in the platform that requires a slower pace,” said Craig Mullins. “With the proper planning, culture, and the adoption of modern, automated tooling, the pace of mainframe development and testing can be accelerated.”

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • Half of all organizations are dealing with mainframe application modernization while cutting costs. Mainframe shops are already overwhelmed with a workforce and knowledge shortage. How can assisted application development and better testing automation help?
  • If we use applications to help with mainframer shortage, what about data security and data integrity to ensure compliance policies while maintaining quality of the service?
  • Use case on mainframe application development containerization for testing that replicates (not simulates) production environments.

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