DB/IQ Index Administrator

Optimize Db2® indexes to improve performance and reduce costs

Index design is one of the most important aspects of Db2 application performance. Shoddy design can severely diminish reliability as well as increase CPU and storage costs. Yet, sophisticated design requires substantial DBA time and expertise.

DB/IQ Index Administrator helps DBAs design efficient indexes to maximize overall Db2 application performance and ROI. It recommends the best index candidates based on your current application SQL and system activity.

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The Index Administrator consists of four phases:

  • Extract and scan SQL to build a repository of SQL activity. The repository contains cross-references between plans, packages, objects and columns and indicates exactly how they’re used in applications.
  • Index Analysis on existing applications.
  • Index Modeling for potential new indexes.
  • Index Impact Analysis helps you decide which indexes to create and maintain.

Phases 3 and 4 are repeated continuously to achieve cost-effective and optimal index performance.



Quality Assurance for Db2 Applications