DB/IQ Quality Assurance for Db2® Applications

A proactive approach to application performance

Each year more applications are built with SQL, more data is managed by Db2, and more application developers are trained in enterprise systems. Efficient use of SQL and Db2 is critical to the performance of the IT department and the business itself. However increasing data volumes combined with the lack of skilled DBA resources required to ensure clean and consistent SQL can sometimes result in performance meltdown.

2 people who analyze code

DB/IQ QA performs quality assurance on SQL – using rules established by DBAs – to optimize the performance of applications before they’re moved into production. Effective use of the system will reveal any potential problems and quickly help raise the quality of new code as programmers are automatically alerted of any errors and inconsistencies. DB/IQ helps resolve problems before they occur, explains to programmers where they could improve, and frees up precious DBA time for more design and optimization endeavours.

  • Ensures high coding standards for greater performance and availability for all Db2 and z/OS applications
  • Checks the quality of any SQL code according to organization-defined standards
  • Detects reliability and performance problems, before they occur in production, saving time for the DBA and costs for your business
  • Reveals problems early in the development phase to prevent poorly performing SQL from spreading.
DB2 in binary mode



Quality Assurance for Db2 Applications