Db2® Optimization 24/7

Change the game in Db2 data management

In the age of digital business, IT systems must be fully available around the clock and highly flexible to respond to unpredictable customer demands. However performing Db2 maintenance without affecting the business continues to be a tough challenge for the DBA.

Db2 maintenance is critical for performance, recoverability and system resources, yet every maintenance operation also has an impact on systems in terms of CPU and performance. Knowing or being able to evaluate that impact is essential to determine the optimum time for maintenance and to achieve competitive edge in application performance and operational costs.

iDBA-Online intelligently controls your maintenance strategy to prevent REORG and BACKUP utilities from degrading performance and from interrupting business.

  • Automatically applies the smartest schedule for Db2 maintenance operations
  • Ensures REORG and BACKUP are performed only where and when they’ll make a genuine difference to your application performance, without interfering in production
  • Reduces Db2 maintenance costs by eliminating redundant operations
  • Automatically and dynamically monitors the execution of your Db2 utilities.



Intelligent Database Administration