Database Management Solutions

The largest organizations in the world leverage IBM® Db2™ for big applications that process immense quantities of data with amazing speed and accuracy. Db2 is used in the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, hospitals, retail giants and governments.
Db2 and the applications running on it have been around for decades and there are many tools available to help maintain code quality the overall maintenance of the data within Db2. Insoft Infotel’s DB/IQ product suite is one such toolset and is currently installed with great success in large enterprises by  many of the household brands that you know and use every day.
Db2 and IBM z/OS® work together to ensure the largest and most heavily transacted organizations deliver business services to required SLAs at the lowest cost of ownership of any IT services platform. But Db2 needs organizing and optimizing and this is where DB/IQ comes in to play a critical role with DBAs, programmers and systems teams. To learn more about DB/IQ, please click here.