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A European player in the digital transformation of businesses, the Infotel group has been a primary contact for IT departments and Key Accounts for nearly 40 years. Infotel provides these clients with acknowledged expertise in the management and evolution of their IT assets. It also advises innovative businesses and services integrating digital technologies as well as Big Data and mobile expertise.Infotel develops its know-how in the Banking, Insurance, Retirement, Industry and Transport sectors based on innovation and R&D.

As a software publisher, Infotel also deploys a range of products for large servers in Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.

With a workforce exceeding 3,000, the Group, listed on Euronext Paris, generated a revenue of $307.5 million in 2023 and is growing steadily year over year.


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Data Governance

Company founded: a team of experts / 1979 – 1988

The Infotel Group was founded in 1979 by a team of experts: Bernard Lafforet, Michel Koutchouk, Alain Hallereau and Josyane Muller. In the beginning, the company was based in Paris, with a focus on providing databases as well as services, training and software for large companies. A few years after its founding and following on the success of its software, Infotel opened an office in the U.S.

The Company grows: software and local services / 1989 – 1998

The company continued to grow by opening its Toulouse agency in 1989 and setting up a new Infotel company in Germany (Infotel GmbH) in 1990.

Throughout this period, the Group also undertook the development and launch of new software utilities for databases. The Group carried out its first external growth operation in 1998 and obtained ISO 9001 certification in the same year.

Expansion around “Web-to-Database” / 1999 – 2008

On 21 January 1999, Infotel entered the New Paris Stock Market (now known as Euronext Paris, compartment B (Mid Cap)). This saw Infotel making another historic step forward in its development by acquiring the means of financing its projects for growth. In the same year, the company signed its first agreement with IBM for the development of Db2 utility software sold by IBM.

Also in 1999, Infotel adopted its strategic Web-to-Database positioning, a comprehensive technical offering to meet evolving needs and help companies open their information systems.

In December 1999, the Group incorporated the S12 company and, the following year, two other companies, Sporen and Innovaco Formation.

At the beginning of 2006, Infotel continued to follow its external growth strategy by acquiring and subsequently integrating the Odaxys group, based in Rennes and Nantes, a major IT player in France’s Western Region. Expansion continued with the opening of regional agencies in Lyon, Bordeaux, Le Mans and Niort.

Ambitions 2012 / 2009 – 2012

The company grew in geographic terms with the acquisition of Addax in 2010, giving it a presence in the Nice region (Sophia Antipolis), Aix-Marseille and Monaco. Subsequently, the acquisition of Empeiria in early 2012 provided coverage of the Lille region.

Meanwhile, the software offering expanded by involvement in the creation of Archive Data Software, opening up a new channel of distribution for Arcsys archiving software. Acquisition of the German company Insoft Software GmbH took place in June 2011, completing this offering.

Performance Plan 2016 / 2013 – present

The Infotel Group is continuing its expansion by pursuing a key account growth strategy accompanied by IT services focused on mobility. The company has also helped key accounts in managing big data and has increased the size of its international business.