About us

Insoft Infotel helps customers thrive in the digital age with smart software solutions that optimize and improve z/OS usage and costs

At Insoft Infotel we’re passionate about everything z and Db2. Mainframes are the backbone of our customers’ business-critical systems. They support and guard their colossal amounts of valuable, business-critical data. Db2 for z/OS is one of the most reliable and robust systems on the market capable of managing that data.

Our extensive expertise goes back decades and lies in understanding the evolving market and taking action on the challenges our customers face today. Exponential growth of data is expected to increase ten-fold by 2025, costs are multiplying in the struggle to cope with managing all that data and, simultaneously, there is a steady decline of in-house mainframe skills.

Insoft Infotel software simplifies this mainframe complexity by providing intelligent insight, automation and optimization tools that enable our customers to serve their own customers better, 24/7 365 days a year, securely and at lower cost.

With locations in Europe and North America, our growing team serves clients and partners worldwide. We are trusted by the Fortune Global 500 across a wide range of industries, including the world’s leading financial services, insurance, transport, energy, telecommunications, healthcare, retail and government institutions.

Insoft Infotel is the mainframe software publishing division of Infotel Group, pan-European IT consultancy specialized in corporate digital transformation.