Written by industry experts, Infotel’s whitepapers offer insight on mainframe modernization, DevOps on the mainframe, how to navigate the mainframe skills gap and more.

Whitepaper: DevOps is Here, with Its Eyes on the Mainframe

Download our whitepaper for seven steps to on how to implement DevOps into your mainframe environment

Whitepaper: Mainframers Working From Home, and How IT Systems Leaders can Embrace the Trend.

This whitepaper outlines four ways a remote workforce can keep your organization ahead of the curve.

Whitepaper: The Next 5 Years Will Determine Your Mainframe’s Future for the Next 50

Learn where the mainframe has come in the last 50 years, where it is now, and where it’s headed in the next 50.

Whitepaper: SQL Code Quality Assurance on IBM z/OS

Download our whitepaper SQL code quality assurance for IBM z/OS and learn the best strategies to improve the quality of your Db2 applications.

Whitepaper: Coping with the Pressure DevOps Places on Mainframe Software Testing

Learn how to keep up with the pressure of DevOps on the mainframe by eliminating the burden of creating application testing environments.

Whitepaper: Effective People, Processes, and Systems are Critical Now More Than Ever

With a mainframe skills gap amidst a global pandemic, organizations must turn to technology to fill the void. 

6 tips to get past application testing obstacles created by DevOps on the mainfrme.

Whitepaper: 6 Tips To Get Past Application Testing Obstacles Created By DevOps On The Mainframe

Accelerated mainframe application delivery means more chaos, less margin for error, and more iterative testing. Parallel testing can ease the pain and reduce production cycles significantly. These six tips will help get you there.