Virtel Mainframe Web Services

Mainframes continue to form the backbone of many global enterprises to support their everyday business operations. Yet to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the digital economy, organizations must rethink how to extend the value of their mainframe applications and data to all stakeholders, regardless of their location.

Virtel Web Suite is web-enablement technology that serves IBM mainframe applications such as CICS®, IMS, Natural and TSO, as web pages or web services over secure HTTPS connections. It enables users to connect to legacy data wherever they are and on whichever device.

With great flexibility, tighter security and significant savings,
Virtel ensures a high-value and low-risk alternative to redeveloping, replacing or re-hosting.

Virtel Web Access

Virtel Web Access is a thin-client, browser-based, 3270 terminal emulation solution. It securely serves 3270 screens as HTML web pages while maintaining the familiar 3270 TE design user interface.

Virtel Web Modernization

Virtel Web Modernization provides modern Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for 3270 applications. It serves 3270 host transactions as modern web pages, delivering an easy-to-use web portal experience for the new digital workforce.

Virtel Web Integration

Virtel Web Integration creates interactive bidirectional web services that integrate host and server applications through incoming and outgoing web or message services.