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Infotel: Where Innovation Meets Enterprise

Watch this short introductory video to learn about Infotel’s rich history and segment-leading mainframe, archiving, and database management software solutions.

Infotel Podcast

Data Governance and Records Management From a European SME Perspective

Join Infotel’s Innovation Manager for RIM & IG Solutions, Morgan Attias, alongside Tony and Alex Perri of Perri Marketing, as they delve into the European perspective on data governance, data privacy, and records management in the U.S.

Mainframe Productivity and Optimization

Faster Time to Production for Application Development on  IBM® z/OS®

APT is our mainframe z/OS Test Environment Provisioning and Management Software. APT gives users the ability to implement integration testing and user acceptance testing. The result? Faster development cycles, better performing applications, and fewer unforeseen defects when you release your applications to production.

Webinar: Preparing Enterprise IT for the Next 50 Years of the Mainframe

Watch our IBM Systems magazine on-demand webinar with Db2 experts Craig S. Mullins and Colin Oakhill.

Powerpoint: Improving Database Application Quality

View our IDUG presentation with Db2 expert, Craig S. Mullins, for an in-depth look at the impact DevOps can have on modern application development.

DB/IQ Online Product Demo

Take a look at the DB/IQ Eclipse plug-in that gives you a dashboard view of your Db2 applications and how they can be improved.

DB/IQ PackMan Product Video

Learn how DB/IQ PackMan can declutter your Db2 Catalog for faster backups and REORGS.

Information Governance and Records Information Management