Product Videos and Webinars

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Mainframe Productivity and Optimization

Webinar: Preparing Enterprise IT for the Next 50 Years of the Mainframe

Watch our IBM Systems magazine on-demand webinar with Db2 experts Craig S. Mullins and Colin Oakhill.

Powerpoint: Improving Database Application Quality

View our IDUG presentation with Db2 expert, Craig S. Mullins, for an in-depth look at the impact DevOps can have on modern application development.

DB/IQ Online Product Demo

Take a look at the DB/IQ Eclipse plug-in that gives you a dashboard view of your Db2 applications and how they can be improved.

DB/IQ PackMan Product Video

Learn how DB/IQ PackMan can declutter your Db2 Catalog for faster backups and REORGS.

Information Governance and Records Information Management