Web Enablement of Mainframe Applications

Mainframes continue to play a pivotal role across the enterprise and touch many applications and services outside the realm of the mainframe. This is creating the need for non-mainframe users to access mainframe services more and more each day. To create seamless experiences for these non-mainframers, organizations must rethink how to extend the value of their mainframe applications and data to all stakeholders, regardless of their location.
Insoft Infotel partner Virtel’s Web Suite is web-enablement technology that serves IBM mainframe applications such as CICS®, IMS, Natural and TSO, as web pages or web services over secure HTTPS connections. It enables users to connect to legacy data wherever they are and on the device of their choosing. Virtel delivers multiple high value, low-risk solutions to simplify access to the mainframe:

  • Virtel Web Access: Thin client for 3270 access
  • Virtel Web Modernization: Web GUI for converting host apps to modern web pages in a common web browser
  • Virtel Web Integration: Interactive bidirectional web services engine

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