Enterprise Information Management Solutions

Covid-19 and the pandemic surrounding it has created the biggest modernization and digitization migration in the history of IT service delivery. Nearly every organization, large or small, has some type of modernization/digitization initiative spurned on by the demands of remote- and hybrid-work environments.

On top of these modernization initiatives, new compliance mandates like the GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, CDPA, CDTPA, and others require organizations to understand the complex relationships of every data store in their environment and on demand (and in just a few hours) remove citizens’ personally identifiable information. This monumental task cannot be easily undertaken without good Enterprise Information Management solutions that understand the compliance standards and the data relationships contained within.

Insoft Infotel’s deepeo™ and Arvitam™ are two products that make the monumental task of data governance easier with unprecedented visibility into the data linked to these compliance mandates.

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