Data Sheets and Case Studies

Datasheets and Case Studies

Learn about Infotel’s suite of enterprise IT solutions and services that help clients improve the quality of their business services delivery.

Datasheet: DB/IQ Package Management for IBM Db2

Looking to Streamline Db2 Backups and Reorgs?

Datasheet: SQL Code Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Software Suite for Db2 Applications

Datasheet: iDBA-Online

Smart Automation for DBA’s and Cost Savings for the business.

Case Study: DB/IQ Package Management for IBM Db2

Looking to Streamline Db2 Backups and Reorgs?

Datasheet: DB/IQ

Learn how DB/IQ ensures the quality and performance of your SQL Db2 applications.

Datasheet: DB/IQ Quality Assurance

DB/IQ QA ensures the quality, maintainability, and performance for all DB2® for z/OS® applications.

Datasheet: DB/IQ Eclipse

DB/IQ QA Eclipse plug-in is fully compatible with RDz and adapts enterprise-wide standards for all development made outside the mainframe.

Datasheet: DB/IQ Workload Detector

DB/IQ WL provides smart and efficient access to heavy weight packages or statements. 

Case Study: Insurance Provider with DB/IQ

Learn how a German insurance provider increased Db2 app performance with DB/IQ.

Datasheet: DB/IQ Quality Assurance Plus

DB/IQ QA+ monitors, explains, and alerts on all dynamic SQL in your DB2® for z/OS® systems.

DB/IQ PackMan – Package Management for IBM® Db2®

Datasheet: DB/IQ PackMan

Looking to streamline Db2 backups and REORGS? Let DB/IQ PackMan declutter your Db2 Catalog. 

Case Study: Insurance Provider with DB/IQ PackMan

PackMan found and removed 15 million unnecessary rows in the Db2 Catalog, stabilizing the budget and majorly improving backups and REORGS. 

Case Study: Financial Industry with DB/IQ PackMan

PackMan was able to find hundred of thousands of rows of data that were redundant or unnecessary and could be removed for this financial industry client.

Explore Other Infotel Products

Datasheet: Application Parallel Testing

Application development testing for accelerated development across Agile and DevOps methods. 

Datasheet: iDBA-Online

Leverage A.I. to provide automatic maintenance capabilities for better Db2 application optimization with iDBA-Online.

Datasheet: DINO Explorer Suite

Collect and analyze your mainframe data in real time from your z/OS environment and all its production.

Case Study: Mainframe Application Parallel Testing

Download this case study to learn how a large international bank used Eccox APT from Infotel to speed up application delivery for z/OS.