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Deep Clean Your Db2® Catalog Today for Faster REORGs and Backups!

DB/IQ Package Management (PackMan) declutters and helps reorganize your Db2 Catalog to improve application performance, deliver higher availability and simplify DevOps initiatives.

For you to see PackMan in action, Insoft Infotel is offering a free 14-day license. As it’s simple to install, PackMan can start decluttering your Db2 Catalog within a matter of hours.

A Clean Db2 Catalog Can Help Manage DevOps Chaos

In today’s high-paced mobile landscape where customers expect non-stop availability of applications, DevOps initiatives put pressure on development teams to roll out high-quality software with fast turnarounds and more frequent release cycles. In the sprint to build, test and deploy to tight deadlines and with countless changes being processed by the minute, overwhelmed teams don’t have the bandwidth to consider the enormous build-up of packages inundating the Db2 Catalog – until that is, the bottlenecks, system delays and outages occur.

DB/IQ Package Management (PackMan) helps manage the DevOps chaos by identifying redundant packages, removing them and reorganizing the Db2 Catalog. The result is a cleaner Db2 Catalog that is streamlined for more reliable application performance.

DB/IQ Package Management helps clean and declutter your Db2 Catalog in multiple areas of the SQL programming life cycle.

With DB/IQ PackMan, you can:

  • Prompt DBAs to easily build jobs and keep a clean and efficient Db2 Catalog
  • Avoid all potential -805/-818 problems by determining inconsistencies between DBRMs, associated packages and load modules
  • Make migration to production systems secure by determining any inconsistencies, before the BIND process takes place
  • Maintain EXPLAIN tables down to the required minimum.
  • Improve BIND times
  • Recreate DBRM members or libraries from Catalog packages
  • Prevent unnecessary BINDs by comparing a new DBRM with its predecessor version.


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