Virtel® Web Modernization (VWM)

Rejuvenate your mainframe to make it available to all stakeholders

It’s time to move away from your outdated green screens and make the shift to modern web pages for your legacy enterprise applications!

Virtel Web Modernization makes it easy to serve CICS, IMS, Natural and other host transactions as secure and user-friendly web pages, without disturbing mainframe-application code or daily business operations.

Instant access to products and services via modern screen interfaces helps improve productivity of untrained staff and enhances user experience for all stakeholders, both inside and outside your organization.

VWM modernizes legacy User Interfaces to offer an appealing and extensive web portal experience with:

  • Enhanced layout and workflow such as screen consolidation, tab navigation, and collapsible sections
  • Widget-assisted data entry, with checkboxes, dropdown lists, and graphical calendars
  • Ajax-based application features, including auto-suggest, auto-complete, PDF generation and emailing.

The same host transaction can be served concurrently to different users with a variety of device-specific layouts:

  • Full display for desktops and tablets ·Expandable accordion for smartphones
  • 3270 TE display for users who prefer their habitual green-screen interface.

As Virtel relies on standard HTML and JavaScript technology, users have ready access to the information they require via any web-enabled device. With no need for changes to 3270 application code, business operations can continue undisrupted.

Virtel Web Modernization Benefits

Modern web interfaces for 3270 Applications

Reduce Costs

Modern GUIs enable business partners and customers to freely access products and services on self-service portals, reducing reliance on IT staff to drive 3270 transactions, and relieving resources. Host-based installation, administration and support helps lower the total cost of ownership.

Improve Productivity

Assisted data entry widgets help reduce input errors and improve data quality. Intuitive web pages help reduce training requirements for staff that are unfamiliar with 3270 green screens.


  • Serves 3270 transactions as modern, user-friendly web pages with any browser and any platform
  • Provides a genuine web portal experience for users
  • Low impact and low risk: no changes to applications or servers
  • Fast and easy deployment via a secure, pre-defined URL
  • Works instantly with any web-enabled client regardless of OS, device, or browser
  • Centralized, host-based installation, management, and support
  • Host retains full access control to its own assets
  • No new client technology licensing or installation to support.

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