Virtel® Web Access (VWA)

Secure, cost-effective access to mainframe apps and data… from anywhere and on any device

As more and more employees rely on laptops, smartphones, and tablets to stay productive in and out of the office, the demands for secure mobile access to business-critical applications and data are higher than ever.

By combining web enablement technology with the power and scalability of the mainframe, Virtel Web Access enables users to securely access the information they need, from anywhere and on any device.

Virtel Web Access – 3270 Terminal Emulation in any web browser

VWA – the base configuration of the Virtel Suite – functions as a thin-client, browser-based, 3270 Terminal Emulator. VWA securely serves 3270 screens as HTML web pages, while maintaining the familiar 3270 Terminal design user interface.

Running directly from mainframe applications such as CICS, IMS, Natural and TSO, there is nothing to install outside the host – no client APIs, no deprecated Java applets, and no middle tier servers.

Administration and support are centralized exclusively with the host which helps eliminate the high costs and vulnerability risks associated with distributed and outdated TN3270 applets and plugins.

VWA is a modern and cost-effective solution to help you make the most out of your mainframe and provides earlier ROI than redeveloping, replacing, or re-hosting.

Virtel Web Access Benefits

Anytime anywhere access to business-critical applications and data

Democratize Access

VWA delivers anytime anywhere access to the mainframe. By logging on via a secure pre-defined url, users can readily connect to legacy applications and data on any OS and with any web-enabled device. As VWA supports a universal range of devices, it simplifies implementation of work-from-home and remote work initiatives such as Bring Your Own Device and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Reduce Costs

Virtel dramatically lowers infrastructure TCO: with administration and support centralized at the host, customers reap huge savings in support costs, software licensing fees and hardware investments; secure SSL-encrypted HTTPS connections eliminate the need for a VPN to encrypt TN3270 connections; and Virtel’s multi-session functionality can enable the retirement of third-party Session Managers. Alongside these decreased costs, IT teams save multiple hours weekly, freeing up time to focus on other impactful KPIs.

Strengthen Security

Virtel’s two-tier architecture provides tighter security compared to ageing TN3270 emulators: it eliminates reliance on distributed or deprecated Java applets and plugins and access control to critical business applications remains firmly on the mainframe. Virtel integrates seamlessly with industry-standard IP security technologies such as SSL (AT-TLS) encryption, PROXY, and SSO. Virtel’s proprietary security system can function independently or can be coupled with proven market tools including RACF, Top-Secret and ACF2. Additional security can be customized to support terminal-transaction-printer control, biometrics and other field-level filters.

Easy Deployment

Thin-client, two-tier architecture provides for simple and rapid deployment. Installation and support are centralized exclusively with the host, eliminating the need for client applications and additional servers. Users simply point their web browser to an installation-defined URL.

Leading commercial vehicle rental company, Fraikin, develops a cost-effective and flexible thin-client computing environment to better support the business and its widely dispersed workforce.

Supported Platforms


PC Workstation, Mac Workstation, Laptop/Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone

Operating Systems

Windows 10, Linux, IBM AIX, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Chrome OS


Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer

Virtel is VDI- and BYOD-friendly, and supports all 3270 TE client technology

Ensure business users have anytime anywhere access to mainframe data and applications.