Virtel® Web Integration (VWI)

Cross the divide between mainframe and web applications to increase business agility

The mainframe’s role in supporting mission-critical business applications in the Data Age is more important than ever. In the race for digital transformation, IT organizations must increase usage of their existing technology so they can continue to offer customer-facing and revenue-driving services, while always being ready for the next big change.

Virtel Web Integration (VWI) is a simple yet powerful solution that transforms the proven business logic of 3270 applications into new and dynamic web services, and at a fraction of the cost of redevelopment, replacement, or rehosting alternatives.

VWI relies on Virtel’s secure core infrastructure and augments its capabilities by using custom-developed scenarios to convert the screen interface into interactive bidirectional web, message, or email services.

Inbound and outbound web services are developed in Virtel Studio, an Eclipse IDE that automates screen flows capture, XML/COBOL data conversions, scenario generation and testing.

Virtel Web Integration Benefits

Dynamic dialog between 3270 applications and modern web services

Security and Performance
  • Virtel proprietary security system can function independently or can interconnect with proven market security solutions including RACF, Top-Secret and ACF2.
  • Access control to critical business applications remains firmly on the mainframe
  • Seamless integration with industry-standard IP security technologies such as SSL encryption (AT-TLS), PROXY, and SSO.
  • Additional security options support terminal-transaction-printer control, biometrics and other field-level filters.
  • Bypasses 3270/VTAM applications to access the host, improving performance and reducing MIPS consumption. 
Service-oriented business
  • Simple access to mainframe systems of record for web application developers, increasing business agility and faster time to market.
  • Particularly useful for organizations offering self-service applications that require intensive access to customer data.
  • Mainframe developer-friendly scripting language: easier than JavaScript
  • Open-standard languages such as XML and HTTP enable easy implementation of web services via Virtel Studio IDE
  • Web services can be easily developed with Virtel Studio IDE including by developers unfamiliar with the mainframe.
Flexible mainframe applications interface
  •  HTTP/S (web service), SMTP (email service), and custom IP servers
  • Visual (CICS, IMS, Natural, TSO…) and non-visual (batch) programs
  • Screen and API (COMMAREA, channels & containers) interfaces
  • VTAM/SNA, EXCI, VXCI, TCP/IP and VIRSV (asynchronous batch program execution)
  • Synchronous and asynchronous mainframe program execution
  • CPU and zIIP mainframe program execution.

VWI Use Cases

Proven versatility

  • Truck manufacturer consolidates bills of materials from 50 IMS screens to serve them on engineering workstations in Excel and HTML formats.
  • Insurance company integrates and automates a customer-centric WebSphere portal with a CICS application through reusable, bi-directional HTML/XML web services.
  • Mortgage lending company calls SOAP web services from a CICS/COBOL application.
  • Leading international bank creates interactive bidirectional XML connections between COBOL batch and web applications.
  • Large financial services firm integrates a cus­tomer-facing PHP server with a CICS application through HTTP requests in XML format.
  • Major provider of financial solutions replaces outdated SNA/3745 connections with custom TCP/IP connections, while cutting response times in half.

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