High Performance Data Unload Utility for Db2® on IBM® z/OS®

Streamline Data Unloading


InfoUnload is a high-speed data unload tool that maximizes performance by reducing processor consumption and the amount of I/O. InfoUnload allows unloading from a full image copy or one or more partitions in parallel. It is also possible to perform multiple unloads in parallel or unload a series of VSAM files in bulk. You can unload Db2 data into several files in a single operation and the user has the ability to unload only select rows and columns needed to be unloaded. InfoUnload can also unload into a number of different data formats, including non-Db2 and is compatible with the syntax of all the various tools on the market.

InfoUnload Chart
InfoUnload Features:
  • Ultra-fast Db2 table unloading utility, the fastest on the market
  • Parallel processing of several unloads accessing the same table space
  • Can unload from a full image copy
  • Ability to unload selected rows and columns
  • Ability to unload every “n” rows or unload all rows
  • Generate load-control statements for subsequent reloads
  • Create output in multiple formats during a single unload operation