We’re gearing up for an exciting 2023, and as we look to the future, we can’t help but focus on some emerging trends we’re looking to follow as the year unfolds. Undoubtedly, the enterprise software industry is poised to witness some significant changes. Tech is rapidly evolving, and so are the expectations of businesses and their customers.

One of the most significant areas of focus for us is information governance (IG.) The amount of data being generated and stored by organizations is growing at an exponential rate. This poses several challenges, such as data privacy concerns, security threats, and compliance issues.

According to a recent Markets and Markets study, the global enterprise data management market size is expected to grow from $77.9 billion (in 2020) to $122.9 by 2025. Meanwhile, since the start of the pandemic, cybercrime scams have increased by 400%.

Add to that, the growing number of local, state, and federal laws and regulations popping up around the world every day, and IT leaders undoubtedly have a lot on their plates. With this, we know organizations need to have solid information governance going forward, or they may suffer disastrous consequences. It ensures that data is accurate, complete, and secure throughout its lifecycle, from creation to disposal. With the increasing importance of data in business operations, it’s essential for organizations to have a robust information governance framework in place.

Similarly, we know records information management (RIM) will also be a hot-button item among leaders in the industry and is going to be key for successful business outcomes in the future. Effective RIM enables organizations to meet legal, regulatory, and business requirements for information management. And it’s critical for organizations to have a comprehensive RIM program that aligns with their business objectives and compliance obligations. Our answer to these growing trends is our records information management software Arcsys, our data preservation solution for organizations subject to robust data privacy regulations. Our 2023 update of Arcsys includes several enhancements meant to address challenges facing information management going forward.

Enhancements include:

• Improved UI for better functionality

• Improvements for users to quickly verify visual alerts and anomaly detection, allowing for better detection of malicious activity.

• Improved features for users to better set and comply with data management standards and allow users to be certified on the system.

• More granular customization into log file activities, allowing for more functionality so users aren’t bogged down with unnecessary clutter in their log file views.

• Improved archiving transparency with document management systems, enriching the visibility of the archive journals and logs from within document management systems.

• Improvements in automation allowing users to quickly verify alerts about anomalous activity against the archive improving data handling compliance.

Upcoming Events:

We are also excited to convene in person with other professionals in the industry at several upcoming events on our calendar this year!

Infotel has joined ARMA, and we will be sponsoring an ARMA chapter meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee next month. If you are in the region and are an ARMA member, be on the lookout for an invitation. We will be meeting on March 14th at the Edney Innovation Center in Downtown Chattanooga from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and we hope to see you there!

Additionally, we’ll be hitting the trade show circuit this year, and look forward to attending the following events:

• SHARE Atlanta, March 5-8, Atlanta, Georgia

• IAPP Global Privacy Summit, April 4-5, Washington D.C.

• IRMS Manchester, May 14-16, Manchester, UK


• NAGARA, July 18-21, Cincinnati, OH

• SHARE New Orleans, Aug. 13-18, New Orleans, Louisiana

• IPRES, Sept. 19-22, Champaign, Illinois

• ARMA InfoCon, Oct. 9-11, Detroit, Michigan

• IDUG EMEA, Oct. 15-19, Prague, Czech Republic