Infotel UK has emerged victorious, securing the ‘Technology and Innovation’ award at the Franco-British Trade and Investment Awards 2023. The news comes all the way from Paris, where Infotel UK Consulting’s Managing Director Mundeep Nayyar collected the award from a ceremony held at the Residence of Her Majesty’s British Ambassador to France.

The spotlight shines on our flagship product, Deepeo, a groundbreaking data management solution, as a driving force behind this achievement. Rigorously evaluated by expert teams from the Franco-British Chamber and the British Embassy in Paris, our victory positions us as indisputable leaders in the industry.

Deepeo’s transformative impact on the data-driven landscape, addressing GDPR fines, optimizing operational efficiency, and safeguarding consumer data, has undoubtedly set us apart. Infotel UK’s dedication to responsible data management has garnered international attention, significantly bolstering the growth and competitiveness of both the UK and French technology sectors.

We attended the Awards Ceremony on December 6th in Paris at the Residence of the British Ambassador to France. The event, hosted and opened by His Majesty’s Ambassador to France, Dame Menna Rawlings, promises an evening of celebration as we bask in the acknowledgment of our triumph.

The Franco-British Trade & Investment Awards provide a platform to celebrate alongside distinguished companies and representatives from the Franco-British business community. The evening provided extensive networking opportunities and a chance to engage with key figures in the industry.

“This journey has been nothing short of exhilarating, and I am deeply honored to accept this award on behalf of the entire Infotel UK team. Being named a winner among 31 applicants is a testament to the collective dedication of every team member. Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation has led us to this moment, and we are truly humbled to be acknowledged among the top contenders of UK and French companies. This award isn’t just about recognition; it’s about the positive impact responsible data management can have on both the UK and French tech scenes. It isn’t just about winning; it’s about celebrating progress, job opportunities, and innovation in both markets,” said Mundeep Nayyar Managing Director and CEO of Infotel UK Consulting emphasizing the strategic alignment with the demands of the regional and local economy that has fueled their success.

Infotel UK’s journey to excellence in technology and innovation, marked by dedication, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to responsible data management, has culminated in this significant victory. We eagerly anticipate savoring this moment at the Awards and remain resolute in our mission to drive advancements, job creation, and technological innovation in both the UK and France. A heartfelt appreciation goes to our dedicated team, whose outstanding efforts have positioned us as the undisputed winners, reflecting our relentless pursuit of excellence in technology and innovation. We express our thank you the Franco-British Chamber, the British Embassy in Paris for this recognition and every member of judging panel for hard recognizing and selecting trail blazers that have done tremendous job achieving success in both markets. We are truly privileged to be part of an event that brings together the best in the Franco-British business community.

About the author:
Arailym O’Shaughnessy
Marketing and Communications Manager at Infotel UK