The International Db2 Users Group North America Conference (IDUG NA), held May 15-19 in Philadelphia, brought together the very best in the Db2 space to explore the latest trends and advancements in Db2 technology. Infotel is proud to have made a significant impact at the conference through sponsorship, insightful presentations, and active engagement with attendees.

As a sponsor of the conference, Infotel received heartfelt appreciation from attendees who recognized the crucial role sponsors play in making events like IDUG NA possible. Visitors to Infotel’s booth expressed gratitude for our support, acknowledging that the sponsorship helped create a vibrant and informative atmosphere for networking and knowledge exchange.

Record Attendance

IDUG NA 2023 achieved a milestone with its largest crowd to date. With 365+ in-person attendees and nearly 150 virtual participants, the conference provided an unparalleled platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. The significant turnout underscored the growing interest and relevance of Db2 in the community.

In addition, this year’s IDUG NA witnessed a notable increase in the participation of international companies, allowing us to connect with organizations from different parts of the world, exchange ideas, and gain insights into global Db2 trends. The international presence added a dynamic and enriching dimension to the conference.

Automation Takes Center Stage

Automation emerged as one of the hottest topics of discussion at IDUG NA. Attendees recognized the importance of automating routine Db2 tasks to improve efficiency, reduce manual errors, and enable their teams to focus on higher-value initiatives. Infotel’s active involvement in this conversation demonstrated our commitment to providing cutting-edge automation solutions to address the evolving needs of the Db2 community.

Strengthening Partnerships and New Strategic Partnership with BMC Software Announced

IDUG NA provided Infotel with a valuable opportunity to connect and catch up with our partners. Engaging in meaningful conversations and discussions with industry peers not only fostered collaboration but also reinforced existing partnerships. Our commitment to maintaining strong relationships within the Db2 community was evident throughout the conference.

During the conference, Infotel announced its strategic partnership with BMC Software, a global leader in software solutions helping IT transform traditional businesses into digital enterprises. This collaboration signifies Infotel’s commitment to enhancing its US-based business by leveraging BMC’s reach to deliver innovative solutions to their customers.

“Passport to Prizes” Winner

Infotel participated in the popular “passport to prizes” promotion, engaging attendees with an exciting opportunity to win prizes. The Infotel prize was awarded to a team member of MasterCard. This engaging activity further enhanced our booth visibility and facilitated open conversation at the conference.

That’s A Wrap

As the Db2 landscape continues to evolve, Infotel’s commitment to innovation, automation, and technical excellence positions us as a leading player in the industry. By fostering collaborations, embracing automation, and staying at the forefront of emerging technologies like AI, Infotel Corp remains dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions and services to meet the evolving needs of Db2 users.

Infotel’s participation in the IDUG NA 2023 Conference was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and reinforcing our reputation as a trusted and innovative partner in the Db2 community. With our strategic partnerships, thought leadership, and commitment to driving automation, Infotel Corp continues to shape the future of Db2 administration and management.

It’s going to be a busy trade show season! Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to make strides in revolutionizing Db2 operations and empowering organizations with cutting-edge solutions. Will we see you this summer? Check our calendar  for trade show schedule.