The need for efficient information management, regulatory compliance, data security, and cost savings means database administrators and information technology professionals are often tasked with conflicting directives from management and auditors. Make company data more accessible to employees yet keep records secure. Store all of this consumer information, yet don’t breach any data privacy laws. Keep costs down but manage and store more information than ever before.

Oftentimes, we feel the urge to tell business managers to “pick one” when it comes to the pile of IT directives already given. When IT professionals are overburdened, the risk of data breaches rises, and so does the time it takes to discover a breach when the inevitable happens. In today’s world, data breaches are an if-not-when scenario, so it’s imperative that organizations don’t just invest in the best cyber security tools to detect breaches, but also solutions that help alleviate the workloads of data managers so they aren’t so bogged down by their daily tasks they can’t see the forest through the trees.

At Infotel, one such solution to come out of this challenge is our latest records management and data archiving solution, Arvitam. With Arvitam, IT teams now have an easy-to-use tool to help IT professionals better visualize, organize, and automate their organization’s data and data management tasks.

Data Security & Accessibility

Arvitam recognizes the importance of data security while ensuring seamless accessibility. With advanced encryption, access controls, and user permissions, Arvitam safeguards sensitive information from unauthorized access. Simultaneously, it provides authorized personnel with secure and easy access to data, enabling efficient collaboration across the organization. Arvitam’s robust data security measures ensure peace of mind while maintaining data accessibility, essential for driving productivity and innovation.

Data Archiving & Governance

Arvitam simplifies data archiving while ensuring compliance with privacy and governance regulations. With customizable retention policies and automatic data categorization, organizations can efficiently manage their data archiving needs. Arvitam’s audit trail functionality ensures a transparent and compliant approach, helping organizations meet legal obligations and industry-specific regulations. By effectively managing data archiving and compliance, Arvitam enables organizations to reduce storage costs, improve data retrieval, and mitigate compliance risks.

Cost Control & Efficiency

Arvitam empowers organizations to achieve cost control and operational efficiency. By streamlining workflows and automating repetitive tasks, Arvitam drives efficiency gains, reducing manual intervention and associated costs. The platform’s resource management capabilities provide real-time visibility into resource utilization, enabling organizations to optimize resource allocation and maximize productivity. Arvitam’s analytics and reporting tools offer valuable insights, helping identify cost-saving opportunities and streamlining processes for sustainable cost control. Combining robust data security measures with seamless accessibility, Arvitam strikes a balance that ensures your organization’s information remains protected while driving collaboration and innovation.

For more details about how Infotel clients implement Arvitam into their workflows, check out our recent use case from a global Insurance and Asset Management company. In the use case, we talk more about how this client automated data transfer to the tune of 27 terabytes annually, among more than 120 business applications and across 40 different divisions with Arvitam, which reduced operational costs and standardized compliance requirements among many disparate global jurisdictions. Visit to download the use case today.