It’s an understatement to say the landscape of large enterprise Information Governance and Records Information Management is undergoing constant transformation. Today’s RIM and IG professionals are on a bumper car ride with the number of challenges (ever-growing data volumes, stricter regulations, and a relentless threat landscape) constantly increasing. Buckle up!

This year’s sold-out NAGARA conference, at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at Centennial Park, July 16-19, 2024, promises to be a vital platform for RIM/IG professionals to explore these critical issues and discover innovative solutions. Infotel will be there in full force again this year with a booth in the expo hall where we will share the latest information on our Unified Information Governance suite (UIG), designed to empower you in this dynamic, challenging environment. If you’re attending NAGARA, be sure to visit us at table #17.

Introducing the Infotel Unified Information Governance Suite

Our Unified Information Governance suite brings together the power of two industry-leading solutions:

  • Arvitam™ is a powerful digital archiving solution that helps simplify compliance by streamlining adherence to hundreds of international compliance standards and laws. Think of it as the safety deposit box for your digitally archived enterprise data. Arvitam is a secure, tamper-proof solution, complete with legal proof of evidence, all within a single, user-friendly platform.
  • deepeo™ is a robust data management, anonymization, and deletion tool that goes beyond basic redaction, performing housekeeping tasks across hundreds of databases according to your company’s data retention and governance policies. It’s an excellent tool to help your organization maintain compliance to the relevant consumer privacy (e.g. GDPR and similar) laws for your country, state/province, or other applicable location for consumer data.
Together, Arvitam and deepeo Provide a Comprehensive Solution for:
  • Enhanced Data Security: Infotel’s Unified Information Governance suite strengthens your organization’s defenses against cyberattacks by ensuring data integrity and access control through secure archiving and anonymization.
  • Streamlined Compliance: Simplify the process of meeting complex data privacy regulations with automated data archiving, housekeeping, and anonymization functionalities.
  • Improved Data Visibility and Accessibility: Our UIG suite empowers you to leverage the full potential of your data by ensuring its accuracy, searchability, and secure long-term storage.
Join Infotel at the 2024 NAGARA Conference

If you’re attending NAGARA this year, be sure to visit our team at table #17 throughout the conference. We’re eager to connect with you, discuss your specific challenges, and demonstrate how our UIG suite can empower your organization to navigate the ever-evolving data compliance and information management landscape.

Stay Connected with Infotel

While NAGARA is a sold-out event, we encourage you to stay connected with Infotel. Learn more about our UIG suite and follow us on LinkedIn for ongoing insights and resources on the latest trends in RIM and IG.