As is the case this time of year every year, the anticipation for SHARE Orlando 2024 is hitting full stride. This annual pilgrimage isn’t just an enterprise tech event; it’s a celebration of the mainframe’s prowess and resilience. Still running the largest enterprise workloads, the mainframe continues to be the bedrock of the future, and SHARE Orlando is where that future will continue to unfold.

What trends will dominate the conversation? Here are the conversations the Infotel team is excited to have:

Hybrid Harmony: Orchestrating the Symphony of Clouds and Cores

The cloud wars are starting to appear in the rearview and it’s time to focus on the era of true collaboration. Embracing the possibilities of a hybrid world, where mainframe stability harmonizes with the cloud’s agility, is the way forward. Conversations and presentations will cover containerization strategies and seamless data and application integration. They will also delve into the art of maximizing multi-cloud synergy, discussing best practices to manage this intricate ecosystem and ensuring collaboration that aligns with a commitment to progress and innovation.

AI Amplification: Infusing Intelligence into the Iron Heart

You can’t spell mainframe without “AI.” We saw growing interest at last year’s event, now get ready for a deep exploration of how artificial intelligence is set to reshape the mainframe landscape. As we anticipate engaging discussions both on the showroom floor and in breakout educational sessions, the spotlight will be on AI-powered development, modernization, security, and cost savings.

Quantum Leaps: Preparing for the Q-Computing Future

Ultimately, the relationship between quantum computing and the mainframe is not about one technology replacing the other. It is about harnessing the unique strengths of each to create a more powerful and versatile computing landscape. And SHARE Orlando 2024 is where the best minds in the business will discuss the beginning of this exciting journey.

Talent Transformation: Bridging the Skills Gap with Innovation

The mainframer resource gap is well-known. More mainframers are leaving the ecosystem than are coming onboard and subject-matter expertise is becoming more of a premium. Our experts will be on-site to discuss customer complexities that our software solutions have solved. Infotel’s roster includes intuitive developer tools (APT), Db2 code quality assurance (Db2/QA, Db/IQ, and PackMan), and automation aimed at streamlining operations (IDBA-Online). Alongside, a strong lineup of training programs empowers the next generation of mainframe rockstars, ensuring the iron horse gallops well into the future.

Security Symphony: Composing a Secure Future on the Mainframe

Cybersecurity threats demand a unified defense. Mainframe vulnerabilities are myriad. From legacy applications and weak authentication and access control protocol to insider threats and ever-evolving attack techniques, data security remains a foremost consideration in the space. SHARE Orlando is the stage for staying up to date on the best practices to ensure you are doing everything possible to protect your most important asset: data.

SHARE Orlando 2024 is more than a trade show. It’s a testament to the enduring power of the mainframe, a vibrant community, and a launchpad for the future. Join us in Orlando, where the big iron heart beats strong!