Recently we attended the iPRES tech conference in Champaign, Illinois, and while we were there, we enjoyed learning from and mingling with some of the best minds in the world in digital preservation.

This year marked the conference’s return to the US for the first time since 2018, and in just a few short years, the state of the industry has changed drastically. With such a global audience, we were excited to discuss digital preservation with our fellow iPRES conference attendees, especially as the US’s data privacy legislative efforts have historically been in response to those of our European counterparts.

Our parent company, Infotel, based in France, brings to market a unique perspective when it comes to the similarities and differences in digital archiving trends between the two continents.

Same Title, Different Roles Across Continents

One difference we’ve noticed is many US-based companies have a differing approach to roles that may have the same title between organizations, yet different functions. Many organizations will have both an archivist, who historically has worked to manage preservation of paper documents, and a records manager, who tends to work with digital records.

Our conversations at iPRES continue to support a trend we are seeing in the U.S. with these roles often being combined into one, with the same role charged with both archiving and record management.

Technology to the Rescue (Again)

Many iPRES attendees we spoke with last month said they are comparably behind EU-based companies in this area. To pick up the slack, many US companies are seeking solutions providers to help them align to current federal and state initiatives.

With this trend, the need for advanced technology is undeniable. Managing these workloads securely, while also taking on the challenge to digitize your organization’s records (potentially spanning dozens of years) means many organizations need powerful tools to bridge the gap.

At iPRES, we spoke with several attendees who said tools like Infotel’s Arvitam are essential to their future success. Arvitam is more than just an archiving tool; it’s a comprehensive solution for preserving digital archives and managing the records in compliance with various standards and legal requirements. Its features include:

  • Compliance and Legal Proof: With adherence to over 500 international standards and legal requirements, Arvitam provides strong legal proof of evidence, essential for meeting compliance mandates like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI DSS, CCPA, and more.
  • Digital Curation: Arvitam employs a meticulous digital curation process that includes redundancy, media migrations, and integrity checks, safeguarding your archives against loss or corruption.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Utilizing a Google-like search engine, Arvitam facilitates text retrieval with multi-criteria queries and full-text search, ensuring that your archived data is easily accessible.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Arvitam offers a web interface that allows for manual archiving and retrieval, ensuring that even non-technical Chief Legal Officers can navigate the system with ease.
  • Intuitive Learning: Arvitam is designed to be intuitive and easy to learn, catering to Chief Legal Officers and non-technical personnel tasked with data preservation responsibilities.

In a rapidly changing digital preservation landscape, cutting-edge technology is vital. Our recent participation at the iPRES tech conference highlighted the growing need for advanced solutions like Infotel’s Arvitam. Contact us today for a quick demo of Arvitam and stay ahead in the world of digital preservation.