After two years of online-only events, we were thrilled to return to in-person conferences this year with SHARE Dallas 2022, March 27–March 30.

By nature, today’s software vendors have a tech-heavy, personable job where face-to-face interaction is everything. Adapting to work-from-home and rapid digital transformation has been a task we felt well-equipped to meet. Working from home, however, has had its ups and downs and has come at a price.

Technology has been a tremendous gift for the past two years, and throughout the pandemic; IT professionals have become increasingly more important to the enterprise. Quite literally, these folks were the ones who helped transform workflows on a dime back in March 2020 to facilitate stay-at-home orders, keep employees safe, and keep companies running in the midst of a global emergency.

But IT teams already thin on the front lines have had to do increasingly more work with increasingly fewer resources. With the return to SHARE, these often looked-over frontline employees are getting recognition and a well-deserved break from their hard work with four days of community-building events after the last two years of isolation.

Learning about the latest and greatest in DevOps, security, IT operations, and MSV is key to fostering growth and learning in this industry. Equally important is recognizing the human beings who power these complex and mission-critical technologies every day. Events like SHARE give us the opportunity to foster a community outside our often-siloed bubbles and create an environment for growth, learning, and the success needed to ensure we’re ready to take on the challenges of the future.

New Product Launches from Infotel for Digital Transformation and Governance

In addition to community building, face-to-face events are also key when it comes to introducing new products to the market. Being able to explain our technology live and in-person to clients and prospective clients and answer any questions they may have to their face, is by far the best way to listen to their needs and communicate the ways our products can help. It is also the seeds of future product development.

One product we introduced at SHARE was Arvitam, a secure, unified platform for records management and archiving, which can be customized to fit an array of business needs on both distributed and mainframe platforms.

This solution guarantees immutable, high-volume data archiving in any format, from any source spanning any timeframe, all in one platform. It preserves the evidentiary value of electronic documents and ensures long-

term tamper-proof retention of digital assets, eliminating the risk of noncompliance with over 500 international standards and regulations.

Clients can also tailor the solution to their unique needs by integrating with a wide range of connectors like SAP, Filenet, Nuxei, Documentum, and more, and high scalability with our modular platform that enables extensive flexibility.

The other product we were excited to announce at SHARE was our latest data management solution, deepeo™, for streamlined data housekeeping and anonymization.

Deepeo is an excellent tool for companies subject to regulation standards like GDPR, which require organizations to have the capability to quickly anonymize user data and submit to user requests under the “right to be forgotten.

Especially in enterprises, where personally identifiable data is scattered throughout immense data stores on legacy systems or is undocumented and located on interconnected and layered systems, deepeo enables automated data storage and housekeeping for easy deployment in existing IT infrastructures, no matter what they may be.

Deepeo’s telemetry agent and solutions portal are customizable, user-friendly tools for organizations with highly sensitive, high-volume data stores and little time to waste managing them.

Speaking Sessions

We’d also like to thank everyone who came out to Db2 expert and consultant Craig S. Mullins and Infotel senior consultant Morgan Attias’ presentation on considerations for modern data management.

Both Mullins and Attias have decades of experience to pull from when discussing today’s issues in ensuring safe, secure, and efficient data management policy, and we think their presentation made the case for keeping enterprise data management top-of-mind, considering the many challenges businesses face as we crawl out from under the pandemic era. Click the button below to view a slide deck of the Mullins/Attias presentation, and thank you again to all of this year’s SHARE Dallas participants. We can’t wait for the next one in Columbus, Ohio August 21-26. See you there!

Download slide deck here