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Craig S. Mullins @ IDUG NA 2024

Infotel's Morgan Attias presents at InfoNEXT 2024

With the growing emphasis on data security and regulatory compliance, the topics presented at IDUG NA 2024 were more critical than ever for Db2 professionals.

Infotel was proud to sponsor a presentation by Craig S. Mullins, thought leader, strategist, researcher, and consultant in all things Db2®. Titled “Data Governance for DBAs: The Impact of Regulatory Compliance on Data Management and How it Affects Database Administration,” the presentation delved into the critical role DBAs play in data governance and equip them with the knowledge and strategies to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape. We’re happy to make the presentation slide deck available for download.

Through this presentation, you’ll gain valuable insights into:

  • The impact of regulatory compliance on data management practices
  • The key differences between data management and data governance
  • Practical strategies for DBAs to implement effective data governance within their mainframe environments
  • Specific examples of how data governance can benefit DBAs and their organizations

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