Virtel® Web Modernization

Serve 3270 legacy host application screens as modern and user-friendly web pages



VWM makes it simple and fast to serve legacy host applications (CICS, IMS, Natural, etc.) as modern GUI webpages. This creates a user-friendly web portal experience with:

  • Updated workflow: screen consolidation, tab navigation, and collapsible sections
  • Widget-assisted data entry: checkboxes, dropdown lists, and graphical calendars
  • New Ajax application features: suggest, auto-complete, PDF generation, and emailing

With VWM in place, users will think they are accessing a genuine web application, not a legacy mainframe application.

Because they rely on standard (HTML/JavaScript) web technology, VWM’s GUI pages will work instantly with any web-enabled device.

Download the Datasheet


Replacing screen UIs with graphical UIs extends the relevance of – and investment in – legacy host applications.

It can help grow revenues by extending some products and services in self-service mode directly to business partners, customers, and consumers.


Replacing the screen UI with a Graphical UI may enable transferring the responsibility and cost of driving the 3270 transactions from internal staff to business partners and customers through self-service access to products and services.

Virtel’s centralized installation, administration, and support result in significant savings across the board.


Modern user-friendly web portals eliminate data entry errors through assisted data entry widgets.

They eliminate the toggle between screen and web user interfaces. They reduce the training requirements for new and temporary staff. They make it easier to attract new staff that would otherwise be turned off by outdated green screen interfaces.


  • Serves 3270 transactions as modern and user-friendly GUI pages
  • Creates a genuine web portal experience
  • Low impact and low risk: no application change required
  • Easy deployment: simply point the client web browsers to an installation-defined URL
  • Works instantly with any web-enabled client regardless of OS, device, or browser
  • Centralized (host-based) installation, management, and support
  • Host retains full control of access to its own assets
  • No new licensing or installation to support new client technology
  • Along with Virtel Web Access and Virtel Web Integration, VWM is a key part of a cost-effective and speedy digital transformation plan