With the latest release of its enterprise information archiving solution Arvitam, Infotel Corp. is offering a 30-day, fully functioning, complimentary proof of concept (POC) of the solution for trial use.

Infotel, a leading global enterprise software and services vendor, today announced a trial package of the enterprise information archiving solution, Arivtam. The complimentary trial package is a fully licensed POC good for 30 days allowing users to test all the functions of the product. Arvitam is a modular and highly adaptable information management solution, capable of ingesting and archiving all enterprise data, including business records, research data, dematerialized documents, and other information, all within the constraints of differing departmental compliance regulations. The flexibility of the Arvitam architecture makes it a great fit in a multitude of industries, both commercial and public, and addresses the need for a single, cross-enterprise archiving solution to manage every record, regardless of originating hardware or operating system. Current installations exist within energy, banking/finance, insurance, scientific, defense and metals/mining industries.

“As employees continue to work remotely during the pandemic, a policy-based enterprise archiving solution ensures that your organization’s data is properly accounted for and meets all regulatory standards,” said Jeff Castella, Infotel Corp.’s software division managing director. “This POC demonstrates our belief that Arvitam can preserve your organization’s digital assets with a lightweight, low-resource solution, that meets compliance standards across every department.”

Arvitam currently complies with more than 500 international standards and regulations, including ISO 14721, NF Z 42-013, NF Z 42-020, ISO 15489, MOREQ, and ISO 2700. It also supports archiving for a wide variety of enterprise communication tools including Microsoft Office, Adobe, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Filenet and many others. Arvitam is ideal for organizations that have undertaken digital transformation initiatives and process large quantities of client-facing documents on a recurring basis and is ideally suited for a multitude of industries in addition to the ones mentioned in this release.

“Because of its flexibility in ingesting a wide range of record types and accommodating the breadth of international compliance standards we’ve encountered, we believe this product can be used in any industry,” added Castella. “But it really excels in industries with decades of archives because of its indexing and compression capabilities.”

Infotel Corp offers full support to any prospecting organization that decides to take advantage of a POC of Arvitam. To acquire the 30-day trial package, please visit https://arvitam.com/demo-arvitam/ or submit an inquiry to Infotel at our contact us page.

For more information about Infotel Corp., please visit https://www.infotelcorp.com.

About Infotel

Infotel Corp. is the North American headquarters of Insoft Infotel, the software division of the Paris-based Infotel Group. Infotel Group provides enterprise software solutions and services that help organizations manage the data and application sprawl created by the prevalence of the world wide web. The product portfolio features solution capabilities ranging from mobile technologies to the mainframe.

Founded in 1979, Infotel has the experience to work across varying network systems, relational databases, object languages, servers, and operating systems inside the largest organizations in the world.

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