Infotel Corp releases DB/IQ version 6.03, a solution for maintaining a cleaner Db2® Catalog for improved database and application performance. The new version is fully compatible with Db2 for z/OS® up to version 13.1 and includes improved explain package functionality for invalid PACKAGE as well as all PTFs created during 6.02.


Infotel Corp, a Tampa-based leading global software manufacturer, today announced the release of its latest product, DB/IQ version 6.03. This solution helps organizations maintain a cleaner Db2 Catalog, resulting in more reliable database and application performance and availability.

Previous versions of DB/IQ can be easily updated to version 6.03, which is fully compatible with all levels of Db2 for z/OS up to V13.1. Infotel customers can download the latest upgrade package from their Infotel support portal.

“DB/IQ 6.03 seamlessly integrates with IBM®’s latest version of Db2, the rst Db2 platform developed for large-scale AI insights,” said Jeff Castella, vice president of Infotel Corp. “This release brings our customers the same data management benefits as our previous versions of DB/IQ, but with improved functionality and compatibility with IBM’s latest technology.”

With DB/IQ, users can make sense of the DevOps chaos that mainframe software development creates by identifying redundant packages, removing them, and reorganizing the Db2 Catalog, resulting in a more optimized and streamlined Db2. In today’s fast-paced DevOps world, development teams are facing more pressure than ever to roll out high-quality software with fast turnarounds and more frequent release cycles. Db2 optimization is often bypassed to get new releases to production, and DB/IQ and its many components help combat the oversight. Leveraging DB/IQ, clients can better manage Db2 clutter that can build up in the programming sprints associated with Agile and DevOps methods while helping meet tighter production deadlines.

Updated DB/IQ 6.03 features include:

  • Improved Explain package functionality regarding invalid PACKAGE for a better comprehensive behavior
  • Inclusion of all PTFs created during 6.02

Additionally, with Infotel’s Eclipse Plugin v1.10x & v1.11, a component of DB/IQ users will be able to:

  • Add SQL transformation display
  • Set Db2 registers at the statement level
  • Use the new import/export file format, which is more readable and state-of-the-art
  • Add a signature with an Infotel certicate

For more information about DB/IQ 6.03 visit To learn more about other Infotel products, visit Customers may request support assistance with this upgrade by emailing

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