DB/IQ Package Management

Keep a clean and efficient Db2 catalog

Binding a Db2 package increases SQL efficiency by converting the pre-compiler DBRM into Db2 interpretable format. Although packages were introduced many years ago, standard Db2 utilities don’t address certain issues such as inconsistencies between DBRMs, packages and load modules. In most organizations, these problems remain either totally or partially unsolved.

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DB/IQ handles package management with ease while ensuring system integrity :

  • Eliminates superfluous Db2 collection package versions that don’t have a matching load module / CONTOKEN
  • Detects DBRMs that lack a current Db2 package version or valid executable load module as well as Db2 load modules that lack matching DBRM or package versions
  • Creates DBRM members or libraries from Catalog packages
  • Prevents unnecessary BIND by comparing a new DBRM with its most recent version.



Quality Assurance for Db2 Applications