Virtel® Web Access

Reduces current TN3270 emulation costs by up to 80% and is more secure than TN3270 emulators.

VWA securely serves 3270 screens over encrypted HTTPS connections to plugin-free browsers. The deprecated Java plugin is NOT used.




VWA securely serves 3270 screens as standard HTML webpages with 3270 Terminal Emulation (TE) ergonomics over encrypted HTTPS connections to plugin-free web browsers. It is an attractive modernization alternative for TN3270 emulators. TN3270 users instantly retrieve the 3270 TE interface that they are familiar with.
VWA doesn’t rely on distributed (typically Java or HLLAPI) clients or plugins, or middle-tier servers. With VWA, the web browser is the 3270 TE client. Consequently:


  • VWA works instantly with any web-enabled device regardless of technology: from traditional Windows PC workstations to Apple, Android, or Chrome mobile devices.
  • VWA eliminates the costly support required with distributed TN3270 applets and plugins. With VWA, there is nothing to support outside the host: the administration and support are centralized at the host.
  • VWA eliminates the security exposure associated with distributed Java applets – which must be regularly updated to patch new security exposures – and with the Java plugin – which Oracle deprecated in early 2016. With VWA, the host regains full control of access to its assets.

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Newly Released and Upcoming Features

Virtel Web Access


Virtel’s newest innovation, Visual Screen Redesigner (VSR), allows you to modernize mainframe application screens easily in-house.

Virtel Web Modernization


IPv6 compatible plus VWA will run dual stack IPv4 and IPv6.

Virtel Web Integration


5250 emulation is now available through VWA.  Emulate your IBM iSeries AS/400 screens on the same emulator you use for your 3270 screens.


VWA works instantly with any 3270 TE client available today regardless of device type, operating system, or browser: from traditional Windows PC workstations to Apple, Android, or Chrome mobile devices.

And the 3270 TE webpages served by VWA – because they rely on standard HTML technology – will be also supported by future client technologies.


Not only is VWA priced very competitively compared to TN3270 emulators, but its simple centralized installation, administration, and support can result in up to 80% savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when compared to TN3270 emulators.

In addition, VWA’s end-to-end encrypted HTTPS connections can eliminate the need for a VPN, and the multi-tab capability of web browsers can eliminate the need for a session manager.


VWA improves the security of access to host assets by eliminating the distributed Java applets and plugins of TN3270 emulators, and by keeping the control of access to host assets squarely on the host where it belongs.

VWA’s HTTPS connections are encrypted with FIPS 140-2-compliant AT-TLS or ICSF. VWA integrates seamlessly with any IP security technology including SSO and PROXY servers, and multi-factor authentication services.


  • 3270 terminal emulation in a web browser; 5250 emulation also available
  • Securely serves 3270 screens as webpages with 3270 TE ergonomics
  • Centralized (host-based) installation, administration, and support
  • Nothing to install or support outside the mainframe
  • No middle-tier servers, and no Java/HLLAPI clients or plugins
  • Easy deployment: simply point client web browsers to pre-defined URL
  • Works instantly with any web-enabled client regardless of OS, device, or browser
  • Host retains full control of access to its own assets
  • FIPS 140-2-compliant HTTPS connections
  • Integrates with SSO, PROXY, and multi-factor authentication services
  • Can eliminate the need for a VPN and session manager
  • Saves up to 80% over TN3270 emulators
  • No new licensing or installation to support new 3270 TE client technology
  • Along with Virtel Web Modernization and Virtel Web Integration, VWA is the foundational piece of a cost-effective and speedy digital transformation plan