Virtel® Web Integration

Create interactive bidirectional connections that integrate host and server applications through web or message services


VWI quickly and simply integrates host applications such as CICS® and IMS with server-based technologies through interactive bidirectional connections, typically SOAP, RESTful or MQ services that consume 3270 or remote transactions. VWI can expose the host transactions through their screen UI or through a COMMAREA if/when the screen UI is removed:

  • No code change when reusing screen UI
  • Allows retaining the business logic while eliminating the screen UI
  • Supports REST, HTML, XML, SOAP, MQ, PHP, JSON and more
  • Fast and simple implementation
  • Superior performance and scalability in a small host footprint
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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A sample of past integration projects illustrate VWI’s superior versatility:

Integrating CICS applications with web portals through RESTful HTML/XML web services; invoking SOAP web services from CICS applications; supporting bidirectional exchanges between batch and web applications; activating CICS transactions from PHP servers via XML services; replacing SNA/3745 connections with custom IP connections; invoking web services from IMS programs through ICAL statements.


With proper configuration, VWI can handle any integration requirements including some that no other integration product can handle.

It can interface online or batch applications through VTAM, TCP/IP, MQ, or cross-memory, and through screens, COMMAREAs, or containers. It supports HTTPS, SMTPS and custom connections, RESTful, SOAP, and MQ services, and HTML, XML, JSON, and other data formats.


Because it runs on the host, doesn’t rely on middle-tier servers, and is coded in Assembler, VWI outperforms the web integration solutions that rely on Java code or middleware servers.

VWI customers experience up to 2x faster response times when switching from other web integration solutions. VWI’s high performance and small footprint result in high scalability.


  • Any type of incoming and outgoing web or message services
  • Exchange protocol: RESTful, SOAP, MQ, or custom
  • Language: HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, and more
  • Communication protocol: HTTPS, SMTPS, and custom
  • Host application type: batch or online (CICS, IMS, Natural, TSO, etc.)
  • Transaction interface: 3270 screens, COMMAREA, channels and containers (CICS-only)
  • Communication sub-system: VTAM, TCP/IP, MQ, or cross-memory (CICS-only)
  • Centralized (host-based) installation, administration, and support
  • Nothing to install, administer, or support outside the host: no applets, plugins, or middle-tier servers
  • Nothing but universal open-standard web technology outside the host
  • Low impact and low risk: no application change
  • IDE-assisted development
  • High performance and small host footprint result in highly scalability
  • Along with Virtel Web Access and Virtel Web Modernization, VWI is a key part of a cost-effective and speedy digital transformation plan