The positive energy was palpable at IDUG North America 2024 in Charlotte! As a proud sponsor of the event, Infotel had the pleasure of reconnecting with colleagues, clients, and partners from across the Db2® community. We also enjoyed productive time with our long-time partner IBM® to discuss exciting projects we’re working on together regarding Db2 for z/OS®.

This year’s conference served as a powerful reminder of the immense value found in face-to-face connection and the collaborative exchange of ideas.

Beyond the informative sessions and exciting technologies showcased on the expo floor, the true magic of IDUG lies in its educational value and the opportunity to connect with fellow Db2 professionals.  Conversations sparked at the Infotel booth, networking events, and impromptu hallway discussions fostered a sense of shared purpose and a commitment to continuous learning.

Key Takeaways and Resources From IDUG NA 2024:

During our interactions at IDUG, several key themes emerged:

  • Db2 Efficiency and Automation: Many attendees were eager to learn more about optimizing their Db2 workload environments. Infotel’s IDBA-Online™ and DB/IQ™ solutions were a popular topic, demonstrating the increasing demand for streamlining database tasks and SQL code quality.
  • Data Governance for DBAs: The evolving landscape of data governance was a hot topic as well. Fortunately, Craig S. Mullins’ insightful, Infotel-sponsored presentation, “What Does Data Governance Mean for DBAs and Why Should They Care?”, shed light on this critical subject. If you missed it, we’re pleased to offer a downloadable copy of his presentation deck to help you navigate the impact of data governance on Db2 administration.
  • Industry Trends: Discussions at IDUG highlighted the growing importance of Db2 integration with cloud platforms. Infotel is committed to staying at the forefront of these trends, ensuring our solutions support a hybrid Db2 environment for optimal performance and scalability.
What’s In Store for Db2 on z/OS Going Forward?

The connections made at IDUG will continue to fuel innovation and collaboration within the Db2 community in the years ahead. At Infotel, we’re excited to stay connected and keep you informed of our latest Db2 solutions advancements. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts, conferences we sponsor, and webinars where we’ll delve deeper into Db2 optimization and information governance best practices for DBAs.

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