Optimize your mainframe cost strategy without compromise

Guarantee quality of service while keeping costs under control

In a mainframe environment, maintaining quality of service can result in having to make financial concessions on MSU cost. Optimizing MSU consumption is a top priority for every Mainframe Manager, as is providing efficient service to drive business agility. Monitoring MSU consumption and controlling MSU allocation is an effective approach to ensure you comply with SLAs and optimize costs.

AutoSoftCapping uses Real Intelligence Technology to allocate the right number of MSU to the right LPAR, at the right moment and at the right cost.

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  • Drives down your MLC costs
  • Focuses MSU resources on business-critical workloads
  • Prevents business performance issues by avoiding capping
  • Eliminates the complexity of Defined Capacity management.


  • Smart automated Defined Capacity management
  • Dynamic load balancing between the LPARs according to performance and needs
  • Reduced impact of MSU peaks by focusing MSU resources on heavy workloads
  • New algorithms with predictive 4HRA (Rolling 4-hour average)
  • Comprehensive dashboards to monitor System z activity and resource utilization.
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Cost Management for z/OS