CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.April 5, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A transformed conference in the world of Records Information Management (RIM) and Information Governance (IG) emerges in Palm Springs, CA this month. InfoNEXT, previously recognized as the MER Conference and considered a crucial event within ARMA’s annual event series, is a summit tailored for IG professionals, visionary leaders, and solution providers. The event aims to equip IG practitioners with advanced strategies for securing company information assets and driving tangible business value. Furthermore, InfoNEXT will provide a platform for deep dives into thought leadership, exploration of future trends, and the showcasing of cutting-edge technologies within the RIM and IG landscape.

At InfoNEXT, attendees can anticipate an environment brimming with forward-thinking discussions, innovative ideas, and unparalleled networking opportunities among industry leaders. This year’s event features an esteemed roster of industry experts ready to share their invaluable expertise and insights.

Infotel’s Morgan Attias: An Innovator in Information Governance to Speak

Infotel’s Morgan Attias, Innovation Manager for RIM and IG Products will be a featured speaker at InfoNEXT and will share his experiences working with enterprise organizations in Europe, helping manage long-term digital preservation. Accustomed to the European way of handling data governance, privacy, and data security, Attias will bring a wealth of experience in digital archiving, data governance, and privacy, along with a unique perspective to the table. His pivotal role in strategic planning and product development at Infotel has positioned him as a leader in long-term digital preservation and he will share this knowledge in Palm Springs.

Unveiling the Future of Digital Preservation

Attias’s presentation at InfoNEXT 2024 will delve into the critical topic of digital preservation in our rapidly changing digital business world. Titled “From Now to Forever: Understanding the Art of Long-Term Data Preservation,” his session promises to shed light on the intricacies of preserving electronic media, discussing the unique challenges posed by digital assets’ lifespan, and the continuous motion of data at rest. By proposing a tailored, strategically tiered approach to digital preservation, Morgan aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard their valuable digital assets effectively while maintaining their evidentiary value.

About Infotel

Infotel Corp., based in Tampa, Florida, is a leading provider of information management solutions with a proven track record of helping companies optimize their data management systems for over 40 years. Infotel offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including tools specifically designed for data archiving and long-term data preservation. To learn more about how Infotel can help your organization address the challenges of long-term data preservation, visit Infotel at booth #317 at the upcoming ARMA InfoCon conference in Houston, Texas, or contact Infotel directly at

About ARMA International

ARMA International (ARMA) is a leading non-profit professional association focused on information governance, information and records management (IRM), and enterprise content management (ECM). ARMA offers a variety of educational resources, certification programs, and networking opportunities for professionals working in these fields. The ARMA InfoCon conference, mentioned in the press release, is ARMA’s annual flagship event, attracting information management professionals from around the world. For more information on ARMA International, visit

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