Get the most from your mainframe at the best cost

Managing mainframe capacity is the art of maintaining a permanent balance between high quality of service and low Monthly License Charges. AutoSoftCapping for z systems brilliantly solves this equation by intelligently adjusting your defined capacity level on a day-to-day basis, while ensuring your service level commitments and at lowest cost.

AutoSoftCapping lets you take control of your monthly licence charges via dynamic dashboards, tailored to analyze and manage your CPU consumption in real time.

stones in balance
  • Intelligent allocation of LPAR capacity
  • Control total Defined Capacity to ensure SLAs and optimize software costs
  • Get insight on your IBM Monthly License Charge status
  • Predict your CPU consumption including more complex models such as the 4HRA, Container Pricing, Mobile Workload.

The right MSUs in the right place, at the right time, for the right cost!

The standard invoicing method for most mainframe software is based on MSU consumption. The ingenuity of AutoSoftCapping lies in its capacity to allocate MSU to the right LPAR at the right time, according to your business needs. When a LPAR is consuming less MSU than its Defined Capacity, AutoSoftCapping redistributes this unused capacity to an LPAR that needs it more.

With constant total capacity, AutoSoftCapping enables you to do more with your mainframe.

the right time is now
cost optimization

Understand what’s driving your software charges

AutoSoftCapping’s MLC dashboard provides real-time insight of server performance and billing levels, enabling System Programmers, Capacity Managers, CTOs and Procurement Managers to collaborate from a common, shared view.

  • At-a-glance view of your CPC and LPAR activity: MSU consumption, capping period and 4HRA
  • WLM and Service Class Report to identify which Service Class consumes how many MSUs and at which level of importance, enabling detailed analysis of specific capping periods
  • Business reports for Software Asset Managers
  • Technical reports for z/OS technicians.

Do more with your mainframe with less MLC

Watch this video to see how AutoSoftCapping lets you take control of your monthly licence charges using dynamic dashboards to analyse and manage CPU consumption in real time.

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Optimize your mainframe cost strategy without compromise
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Mainframe MLC dashboards