DB/IQ WorkLoad Detector for Db2® Applications

Identify which SQL is responsible for heavy workloads to uncover performance issues

With the explosion of packaged solutions such as ERP systems and their many thousands of tables exploited by dynamic and costly SQL, the ability of performance specialists to effectively tune applications has become a major challenge.

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DB/IQ WorkLoad Detector identifies which packages and SQL are responsible for heavy workloads. It helps DBAs and developers analyze all SQL activities to reveal the most frequently executed and most costly applications (CPU and elapsed time, SQL costs). By focusing on high-consumption SQL with significant performance impact, it helps tune the SQL, leading to a reduction in workload and improved application performance.

  • Detects top resource crunchers by analyzing entire applications and identifying heavy workload
  • Captures trace for all static and dynamic SQL, regardless of origin
  • Extra “lite” Db2 trace to locate “n” resources at various levels ranging from THREAT, PACKAGE or accumulated PACKAGE summaries down to single SQL statements.
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Quality Assurance for Db2 Applications