Today’s organizations face enormous challenges from every angle when it comes to data management. Safely and efficiently managing enterprise data is paramount for organizational success, including compliance. However, the amount of data organizations manage is rising exponentially, well beyond the rising numbers of human resources to manage it. Our future is marked by a clear direction: a push towards digitizing data and enhancing security, however; many of the strategies employed for data management are stuck in the past.

Traditionally, IT departments have been exclusively tasked with data management in the enterprise. However, the data management / information governance landscape is changing to keep up with current modernization initiatives guided by local, state, national, and international government legislation/regulation. The result is CxOs and boards of directors tasking legal teams with the central role of creating and enforcing privacy policies as these data privacy laws proliferate. Involving your legal team is essential to protecting your organizational IT assets, but this hasn’t typically been a role for legal, until now. What is also most essential to ensure success (er, compliance) is making sure your legal teams aren’t isolated in this work so that everyone is up to speed and on board with the laws/standards and the ramifications of failure to comply. In the most extreme cases, jobs will be lost, careers ruined, and companies shut down.

This means that the IT Ops side of large organizations are no longer the only people who must have expertise in data management. For example, marketing departments now hold the lion’s share for collecting and analyzing consumer data in many organizations, yet in our experience, it’s rare that these folks have the same training in Information Security that IT teams have.

This cross-silo communication is especially important when you consider the sheer amount of new data privacy legislation businesses today face. While your IT team may understand best practices, the intricacies of new laws may be foreign territory to even the most seasoned professionals. For instance, your legal team probably knows the five privacy laws (CPRA, VCDPA, CPA, CDTPA, and UCPA) that came out in 2023 and the ramifications of non-adherence, but how well has this been communicated to the IT and Marketing teams? These are the biggest data consumers in a large enterprise. Your legal team now plays an essential role in helping share the responsibility of interpreting and complying with new legislation surrounding your data that is coming down the pike.

So, then, the question to ask becomes where to start? It is imperative that the socialization of data security laws and management of enterprise data start at onboarding. This means you must involve your HR teams who are the initial contact for new hires in your organization. You will need HR, Legal, and IT Ops all on the same page with the same initiatives to educate and then manage through continuing education for all the new legal mandates for citizens’ personal data. The initiative must consider both data security/compliance AND privacy policy rulemaking and enforcement.

As an international organization, Infotel understands this well, and our latest solutions, Arvitam™ and deepeo™ are aimed at organizations subject to any number of regulations, to help make the cross-silo communication required for compliance that much easier.

Arvitam is a robust tool, meticulously designed to address the intricate challenges associated with data preservation while complying with international standards and regulations. Arvitam boasts coverage of more than 500 global standards and regulations, including ISO 14721 – OAIS and NF Z 42-013, making it an invaluable resource for organizations navigating this complex terrain. It is also able to ingest billions of records to archive with minimal impact on your resource utilization.

Infotel’s data housekeeping tool, deepeo, is another tool built for records information managers, and helps any organization keep on top of GDPR compliance. Compatible with most database technologies, deepeo helps IT teams perform automated housekeeping tasks across hundreds of databases to manage data deletion according to each company’s data retention policy.

When it comes to data preservation and governance, Arvitam and deepeo are designed to help archivists and data protection officers (DPOs) navigate the regulations mentioned above because it was built with the GDPR in mind.

Learn more at ARMA InfoCon 2023

For organizations seeking to bridge the gap between legal resources and data preservation in compliance, Infotel’s presence at events like this month’s ARMA InfoCon 2023 in Detroit, Michigan provides an excellent opportunity to explore and embrace innovative solutions. Don’t miss the chance to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of data management and compliance.

For those attending ARMA InfoCon 2023, be sure to visit the Infotel booth (#321) to learn more about Arvitam and Infotel’s data governance product package.

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