Momentum continues to build on our path back to “normalcy.” One good indicator is the number of key conferences and tradeshows hosting in-person (and in some cases hybrid in-person/online) events.

IDUG® (International Db2 Users Group) returns to the U.S. with the 2022 IDUG North America Db2 Tech Conference as their first on-site conference since the start of the pandemic. It will be held at the Sheraton Boston on July 11-14, 2022, with in-person attendance and online participation options available. Infotel is proud to sponsor such an important event.

IDUG is an independent, not-for-profit, user-run organization whose mission is to support and strengthen the information services community by providing the highest quality education and services designed to promote the effective utilization of Db2. Especially as the world “re-opens,” events like IDUG NA play a crucial role in the Db2 space, giving mainframers a chance to reconnect with so many of their peers, share the most up-to-date information, and participate in educational sessions unavailable anywhere else. It is also a chance for vendors to introduce their newest products, product enhancements, and reinforce their presence in the marketplace and commitment to the most powerful IT asset on the planet, the mainframe.

Infotel to Introduce New Products for Data Governance at IDUG NA: deepeo™ and Arvitam
Marketing opportunities are a critical component of IDUG, and Infotel will be introducing two new products at the conference: deepeo, a data management “housekeeping” product, and Arvitam, an archiving and records management product. As digital transformation and data governance continue to grow in importance, Infotel continues to bring products to market that meet the needs of today’s IT professionals.

Deepeo – Data Management for Today’s Vast IT Environments

Infotel’s newest data management solution, deepeo, streamlines data housekeeping and anonymization. Deepeo is an excellent tool for companies subject to regulation standards like the GDPR, which require organizations to have the capability to quickly anonymize user data and submit to user requests under the “right to be forgotten.

Especially in enterprises where personally identifiable data is scattered throughout immense data stores on legacy systems or is undocumented and located on interconnected and layered systems, deepeo enables automated data management and housekeeping for easy deployment in existing IT infrastructures, no matter what they may be.

Deepeo’s telemetry agent and solutions portal are customizable, user-friendly tools for organizations with highly sensitive, high-volume data stores and little time to waste managing them. 

Arvitam Archiving Solution

Infotel will also introduce to the U.S. market Arvitam, a secure, unified platform for records management and archiving, that can be customized to fit an array of business needs on both distributed and mainframe platforms.

This solution guarantees immutable, high-volume data archiving in any format, from any source spanning any timeframe, all in one platform. It preserves the evidentiary value of electronic documents and ensures long-term tamper-proof retention of digital assets, eliminating the risk of noncompliance with over 500 international standards and regulations.

Clients can also tailor the solution to their unique needs by integrating with a wide range of connectors like SAP, Filenet, Nuxei, Documentum, and more, and high scalability with our modular platform that enables extensive flexibility.

To learn more about deepeo, Arvitam or to schedule a free demo of either product, contact us directly at We hope to see you at IDUG NA in Boston!