GDPR, CCPA, CRPA, CDPA, VCDPA, DPDIB, and more – every day it seems we hear about a new piece of data privacy legislation or certification coming from private and local, state, and national governmental entities across the globe. How in the world is a company trying to do the right thing supposed to keep up with so many different highly specific requirements?

GDPR has been in effect for nearly five years, and with groundbreaking fine after fine, it’s clear that even some of the largest and most-resourced organizations on the planet have not figured out how to follow the regulation. So how should everyone else?

What’s more, stateside, with no apparent national data privacy legislation in line with GDPR, individual states have taken it upon themselves to regulate their residents’ right to privacy. California, Virginia, and Connecticut all have their own version of consumer data privacy legislation, with more states likely to follow suit. This only adds to the tangled web of rules and regulations information privacy professionals have to navigate to avoid racking up serious fines or worse – incurring costly, damaging data breaches.

Based in Paris, France, Infotel is no stranger to dealing with these complicated regulations, and our latest product package for information governance and records management, deepeo and Arvitam, was developed out of the need add order to this chaos. In just a few days, the Infotel team will be heading to the nation’s capital for the IAPP Global Privacy Summit, and it seems like there has never been more fertile ground for discussing global privacy than in 2023 in Washington, D.C.

As proud sponsors of the IAPP Global Privacy Conference 2023, we are eager to showcase these products to a global audience of information privacy professionals.

The Infotel team will be in booth #808 throughout the conference to discuss how our latest product package can help IT teams gain visibility into their data stores, no matter how large, and comply quickly and painlessly with data legislation requirements like the “right to be forgotten.” And because of this visibility, threat detection becomes that much easier with Infotel’s products giving you peace of mind when storing and securing your data in Infotel applications.

We know there will be no shortage of topics to cover throughout the four-day summit from April 4-5, and we’re excited to learn from the best minds in the world for information privacy, network with RIM and IG professionals from across the globe and showcase our latest products.

About IAPP

The IAPP (the International Association of Privacy Professionals) is the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community and resource and offers invaluable support for folks in the industry to stay educated on the constantly shifting goalposts of protecting organizations’ or governments’ data.

With over 85 educational sessions, 125+ exhibitors, 200+ expert speakers, and 12+ continuing professional education credits, this year’s summit is the biggest yet. Keynote speakers for this year’s conference include FTC Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya, McArthur Fellow & Law Professor Danielle Citron, and author and entrepreneur Alexandra Reeve Givens. Additionally, comedian and former host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah will partake in a highly anticipated keynote conversation with Alexandra Reeve Givens, president and CEO of the Center for Democracy and Technology about finding identity, belonging, and community while growing up in segregated South Africa.

It’s not too late to register for the IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2023, and we highly recommend the conference for IT professionals looking to get a better grasp of global information privacy best practices. To register for the IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2023, visit For more information on Infotel’s information governance solution, deepeo, visit, and for information on our data archiving solution, visit