As we look back on 2022, we see a year of success for Infotel. Most notably, in 2022 we finally returned to in-
person events. Conference attendance soared in 2022, past pre-pandemic levels in some cases, and there was
a renewed energy at these events after all of us endured two years of COVID-19-induced isolation.

We were excited to see so many new faces at this year’s mainframe conferences, as well as our old friends and
colleagues in the industry, and we believe the value of these events extends beyond just the learning and
networking opportunities made available.

It often feels like as mainframers we are the outcasts of the enterprise computing world compared to our
distributed counterparts. And within these large organizations, there is often a bit of segregation between us
and other IT professionals. So, when mainframers can get together and find community with one another, the
bonds that bind us are made stronger.

Many of us who have attended these conferences have been friends for years, if not decades. And because we
know how important it is to pass on mainframe knowledge to the next generation (and one another), we are
also incredibly welcoming to newcomers in the group.

Infotel attended IDUG in Boston and Edinburgh, SHARE in Dallas and Columbus, and ARMA InfoCon in
Nashville last year, and we were able to showcase our newest products as well as reconnect with clients and

It felt like, after two years of disruption during the worst of the pandemic, we were able to get back to some
semblance of “business as usual.”

Webinars and virtual conferences are only so effective, and when vendors can get out and interact with their
customer base in person, as well as with other mainframers, conducting business and forming business
relationships simply becomes easier to do.

Of course, the caveat to that is that business will forever be changed by the pandemic, and we may never go
back to the old “normal” again. This was a big topic and every conference we attended.

Digital transformation and application modernization, coupled with the rapid shift to more flexible workplaces
were greatly accelerated by COVID-19, and modernization has risen to the top of mainframe organizations’
priority lists. Additionally, with the explosion of data accumulation we’ve seen with more and more of our
everyday lives taking place online, how organizations manage their data becomes paramount.

With the release of IBM’s latest z16 platform this year as well, the mainframe comes out on top as the most
reliable platform to handle the largest and most important workloads across the globe.

As vendors in the application and data modernization market, we’re glad to see mainframe modernization top
of mind for the world’s largest organizations. But we’re also aware that this is just one component of an
incredibly complex shift to a different way of working.

We’re looking forward to a busy 2023 already, and we’re confident our suite of mainframe products can help
your organization adapt to this shift.

We have products for every stage of mainframe management, from software to help you make DevOps work
in development, to data management solutions to help you improve service delivery, to data governance and
compliance products that help you succeed in any market across the world.

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