The mainframe community gathered once again at SHARE Orlando 2024, and the positive energy was palpable. Sponsored in part by Infotel, the event showcased the continued relevance and innovation driving the mainframe’s future. Here, we delve deeper into the key takeaways, exploring the influx of young talent, the rising complexities of enterprise data governance, and how Infotel is helping the Fortune 500 navigate the evolving landscape.

A Turning Point: The Mainframe Embraces the Youth Movement

For years, a looming concern has shadowed the mainframe sector: a lack of young talent entering the field. Thankfully, SHARE Orlando 2024 offered a refreshing perspective. Just like in 2023, a significant increase in young tech students and recent graduates were present, actively engaging and expressing interest in the mainframe. This mainframe “youth movement” promises to inject fresh perspectives and ideas into the industry, ensuring a vibrant future for the mainframe as it continues to evolve and adapt to changing technological needs.

Modernization Initiative: The Mainframe’s Role in Digital Transformation

Though a birthday celebration was held at SHARE Orlando, as the mainframe turns 60 this year, the conference wasn’t just about nostalgia. SHARE Orlando 2024 firmly established the mainframe’s vital role in digital transformation. Numerous sessions explored how organizations are leveraging the mainframe’s strengths – its security, reliability, and scalability – as a cornerstone for their digital initiatives.

From modernizing existing applications to integrating with cloud-based services, the mainframe remains the foremost platform for driving innovation and efficiency. Infotel’s Db2 tools and application development solution APT can help organizations seamlessly modernize their mainframe applications to unlock their full potential in this new era of digital transformation.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions extends beyond the mainframe, offering robust data management and data archiving capabilities that empower organizations to streamline information access, ensure compliance, and optimize workloads and workflows across their entire IT ecosystem.

Data Privacy & Information Governance: Can We Tame the Wild West?

Data privacy and security remained a hot topic at SHARE Orlando. Infotel’s Colin Hill, along with industry expert Tony Perri, presented a compelling Infotel-featured session titled “Global Compliance in the Wild West of Converging Data Security and Privacy Policy.” Their focus? How the growing complexity of data regulations presents a significant challenge in the realm of big data.

The crux of the issue lies in the traditional siloed approaches between business/legal teams (focused on privacy) and IT departments (focused on data security) when dealing with big data governance. Considering 80% of breaches involve some human element, this fragmented approach that generally operates in departmental silos creates vulnerabilities and hinders compliance efforts. The path forward involves breaking down these silos and establishing a more holistic approach to data governance. Infotel’s session explored strategies to bridge this gap, navigate the increasingly complex regulatory landscape, and ensure robust data protection. The presentation slide deck is now available for free download.

Infotel: Your Trusted Partner in the Next 60 Years of Your Mainframe Journey

Infotel’s presence at SHARE Orlando 2024 showcased our unwavering commitment to supporting and pioneering mainframe data management and digital transformation. Our team actively participated in discussions, connected with industry leaders, and demonstrated our leading-edge solutions.

Whether you’re embarking on a mainframe modernization project or seeking ways to optimize your data governance strategy, Infotel has the expertise and solutions to help you succeed. We offer a comprehensive suite of enterprise products designed to address your specific needs. From data security and compliance solutions to application development and integration tools, Infotel empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their mainframe environment and achieve their digital transformation goals.

Join the Conversation: Dive Deeper with Infotel

The energy and enthusiasm at SHARE Orlando 2024 were truly inspiring. The event served as a springboard for discussions and collaborations that will help shape the future of the mainframe for another 60 years and beyond. SHARE Kansas City offers another great opportunity for this strong and proud mainframe group and Infotel will be there, sponsoring again. We look forward to seeing you there.

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